Top 10 Businesses Uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

 Sofia Coppol
  Jan 17, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Many businesses are still figuring out how AI and ML can help them. To them, it’s a daunting task. Some businesses have already applied these technologies to make the life of their employees easier, to provide better care to their customers, and to simplify their operations and processes. AI and ML-based applications brought in to the market by some businesses are triggering others to dig how they too can reap the benefits of these technologies.

Efficiency at operations and eliminating tasks slowing down the growth are what AL and ML can deliver a business today. Businesses can improve their use of resources once they have right sort of AI-powered tools and automated technologies at their places. Of course, these tools should exhibit their visible effects on the bottom line of business.

Businesses Uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Here we are going to list top 10 business-uses of AI and ML technologies. Maybe your business also falls into our list. Let’s begin it now.

1. Using AI and ML to power infrastructure, solution and services

A business’ security, services, network infrastructure, and collaborative solutions can greatly leverage with the use of AI and ML. AI can also power the next generation chat and voice assistants when it is applied to build conversational interfaces. AI/ML driven IT services and security, and hyper-converged infrastructure can also balance computing systems’ workload.

2. AI-enabled cyber-security defense

When adopting the AI-powered cyber-security defense, a business can take futuristic security measures for its IT assets. The cyber-security defended by AI solutions constantly analyzes a network’s packets and maps out traffic variations and the normal traffic. It understands regular data transaction patterns requests of a business and is able to spot abnormalities in the real time. AI works way better than typical firewalls and automatically fined anomalies. By keeping tabs on irregularities in the number of requests and transactions, a security solution created with the use of the AI technology may indicate about an attack before it happens

3. Health Care advancement through AI and ML

AI and ML technologies are receiving great attention in the healthcare sector too. Doctors, with the help of these technologies, can diagnose and inform patients that they are deteriorating medical conditions so that medical intervention can occur before patients require an emergency action or hospitalization. This will help patients save huge costs. The ML technologies have matured enough to detect critical diseases, like cancer, in their early stages making treatment less-risky and save lives.

4. Automation in recruitment through AI

Recruitment is one of core challenges exists across industries. Almost all businesses face difficulties in getting the right candidates onboard. But AI can help in this too. Tech-savvy employers, in fact, have already begun to use AI-powered sourcing tools to find the best-fit candidates who have never been considered in the past, not because they weren’t qualified, but because the typical process of hiring did not expose them. AI Enterprise can help recruiters to reach those candidates whom typical process or tools fail to find.

5. AI and ML powered intelligent conversational interfaces

Artificial Intelligence

Companied are using ML and AI capabilities for building intelligent conversational chatbots and voice skills which can answer FAQs and help users with concierge services in place like a hotel. They can also provide customers with information about products for shopping. These sorts of AI and ML solutions are becoming real things because of the advancement in the deep neural network and deep learning technologies. With AI and ML solutions, companies will not require to make heavy investment in maintaining large customer care and technical support teams.

6. AI in Accounting and Fintech

Like other industries, accounting and fintech too are no exceptions to get advancements by the use of AI. Many professional companies engaged in managing accounting and finance are using the AI technology to streamline their routine by automating data entry and reporting. The noticeable transparency introduced by an AI solution can almost put a full stop to the occurrence of irregularities, confusions, and even frauds.

7. Serving customer intensely to get better market position

AI can be applied to better analyze customer response surveys and related activities. Businesses using AI for serving their customers with more care are able to understand the actual customer-feedback and discover those correlated qualities and attributes which contribute to improve the response rate in the future. Satisfied customers keep advertising a product, brand or business through the words of mouth. It impacts more intensely then commercials and print ads. This will happen only when every end-customer is satisfied. AI can help companies to design custom customers care approaches.

8. Appling AI capabilities to reduce energy usage and associated costs

Energy is precious and costly too. Every year, organizations spend millions on energy to continuously run their operations. They want to cut costs, but typical historical data based technology has so far provided limited benefits. Now by deploying AI, organization are intelligently handling energy consumptions; particularly related to drilling, crude, natural gas transportation, petroleum refining operations, and storage. AI can predict future energy loads so that providers can keep decrease or increase the storage which in turn will help them cut sudden expenditures.

9. AI-based market predictions

AI can also be used in the personalization, intuitive workflows, and advanced searching & product recommendations. Many businesses are using AI to have an idea of future trends in the present. Once they know about it, they can emerge as the first-to-market to take maximum advantages.

10. Understanding Intentions and Behaviors of Employees

An organization is a mutual effort. No single person can run an organization. An organization signs up several employees to get its work done, but when employees start creating clashes for each other, the ultimate goal of the organization is affected. It’s hard to discover bad actors spreading bad words about the organization or a specific employee through the typical enquiry process. By understanding the communication patterns and intention behind it, the advanced AI can do it before it happens. The technology can be deployed to spot bad behaviors of employees affecting the organization.

Top 10 Businesses Uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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