Top 10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Should Know About Big Data

 K Benjamin
  Jun 09, 2018

Over the last few years, big data has significantly changed how businesses operate. From the current trends, it is even promising to bring further disruptions in the near future. It has impacted all types of businesses from small, medium to multinational corporations. In fact, business owners who still think that big data isn’t relevant to their companies will soon be surprised by the storm.

Big data has become a powerful business tool and it’s already making huge revolutions across various sectors of the economy. If you still doubt the power of this phenomenon, there are numerous facts that will help you see the bigger picture. Here are top ten mind-blowing facts you should know about big data:

  1. Within the last few years, more data has been created compared to the entire previous human history
  2. In the next five years, there will be over 50 billion smart devices in the cloud, each designed to gather, process, and share data
  3. By the year 2020, more than a third of all the data in the world will go through the cloud
  4. More than 73 percent of global businesses have either invested or planning to invest in big data
  5. Over 90 percent of all the data was created within the last four years
  6. Within a single minute, people send about 204 million emails, over 270 thousand tweets, upload more than 200 thousand photos and generate 1.8 million likes on Facebook
  7. Google processes more than 40 thousand searches per second, tallying to about 3.5 billion in a day
  8. Facebook users alone share over 30 billion contents among them per day
  9. Over 570 new websites are created every day
  10. By integrating big data, the healthcare sector can save up to $300 billion per year

All these statistics point down to one big fact – big data analytics is the direction every single business should think of. It will continue to impact various aspects of our daily lives, especially how we do business.

Big Dta

5 Ways Big Data Is Changing Business Operations

Better Business Intelligence

Big data has led to the introduction of improved data tools necessary for advanced analysis hence better business intelligence. Many businesses are now hiring business intelligence professionals to help drive their companies ahead of competition.

Targeted Marketing

Big data helps businesses to create a more targeted marketing approach. It enables companies to predict product and services that consumers will need in the near future through customer reviews and buying behavior. Big data analytics makes it easy for businesses to identify market gaps and design products/services to feel them.

Improved Shopping Experience

Companies that have already invested in big data tools have taken customer service to a higher level. They are able to tell what a customer is looking for even before he/she voices their needs. This proactive customer service is a vital tool in creating a competitive advantage.

Creation of Data Departments

Many companies are now creating a data department separate from the regular IT department. The new department is mostly tasked with analyzing big data to determine ways of making business operations smooth, practical, and efficient.

Reduced Operational Costs

Companies are already using big data tools to accurately predict future trends. This helps them to improve planning and forecast thereby lowering the cost of risks. Through real-time big data analytics, businesses are able to establish when and how much to produce/distribute.

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In the End, Big Data Has changed the game of Marketing, Now many big Brands of the world moving to Big data chains. It is time to get enrolled in this game for better Business growth understanding.

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Should Know About Big Data

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