Top 10 Online Travel and Tourism Agencies

 Alisa Mason
  May 29, 2018

Traveling is fun! When you make the right decisions and choose the best sources, it becomes much more exciting and joyous. Every year, millions of tourists travel to different regions of the world and revitalize themselves by exploring diverse cultures, traditions, norms, languages, food, and clothing.

Most of the travelers have interesting memories and stories to share. Several individuals take a huge interest in exploring new places around the world. But they need a convincing travel consultant who is always available for them on the go and capable of bringing them the best in class deals.

We have compiled a list of today’s top 10 online travel agents with a proven track record in the quality of service as well as offering the most exciting and amazing deals to their customer. Starting from and up to Trip Advisor and Trip First, have a look at each of them and decide which travel agency suits you the best for your next international trip.


According to the latest insights of, comes on top of the list. has earned the highest number of positive reviews on several consumer review websites.

Most of the satisfied customers don’t just talk about the quality of service but they consider as the best online travel agency due to several other reasons. It offers a wide range of discount deals and offers. It is also an accredited brand by Consumer Affairs, which reflects additional credibility.

  1. CheapOair

CheapOair is a renowned airline ticket, hotels, and car rental service provider. CheapOair has emerged as one of today’s top trending travel agency that offers incredible deals and discounts to its customers.

Customers can easily compare costs, fares and car rental charges of different service providers. Most customers agree that it is the most user-friendly website. The intuitive system helps customers take quick decisions followed by automatic filtering and comparison of the various key variables.


Compared to other travel agencies and consultants, comes on 3rd in the list of top 10 travel and tourism agencies. It is noticeable that Hotel Planner is a dedicated service provider that primarily focuses on accommodation.

It provides an extensive range of hotels that are ideal for special occasions such as weddings, reunions, sports trips and group tours. In addition to that, several clients agree that offers market competitive pricing and discount offers.

  1. Expedia

Expedia is the most renowned online travel agency that has gained significant fame since its inception. It was founded by Microsoft. According to the latest industry insights and market stats, Expedia has experienced a minor decline when it comes to market positioning and now ranks 4th on the list of Top 10 travel agencies.

Similar to others, Expedia offers a wide variety of services at reasonable rates. What matters the most to its customers is not affordability but credibility. Most of the existing Expedia customers have continued to consider Expedia as the best platform for their travel and tourism needs.

  1. is one of the few markets leading websites that offers an extensive range of discounted hotels, villas, and apartments to the global pool of travelers and tourists. Customers can easily book and cancel reservations as per their convenience without even directly contacting the hotels’ management. gained considerable momentum followed by its unmatched variety of discounts and attractive deals that matter the most to the majority of people with limited budget.

  1. TripFirst

TripFirst has established a strong identity in the global travel business industry. Not only it offers highly customized and unmatched luxury hotel bookings, but also ensures its customers the best level of service, unlike others.

Trip First offers an extensive range of thousands of luxury hotels to book from while offering a huge flexibility to its travelers in terms of lowest possible prices. Whether you going on a vacation or going for a dedicated business trip. Trip First can be your reliable travel partner.


Next to Trip First, Priceline is a highly renowned website that enables people to find the best travel deals offered by several other travel and tourism companies. It mainly includes the best hotels, airline services, and cruise lines. Priceline allows its users to create their own customized vacation packages by combining several unique services of their choice.

  1. Tours4fun

Tours4Fun is another most renowned website that offers an extensive range of possibilities to its customers. Customers can search for any destination in America, Europe, and Australia. They can find a wide-ranging list of options within their chosen city. Try to fine-tune your search and make use of the various search filters.

  1. Global Work and Travel Co.

Global Work & Travel Co. is one of the most renowned and credible online travel agency that started in 2008. It is based in Australia and is now ranks as the largest youth-based travel and tourism agency in the world. It features more than a dozen locations and options that encompasses holidays, volunteering, adventures, and more.


Founded in 1991, proved to be one of the oldest and considerably credible online tourism and travel agency. The company specialized in enabling its target audience to find and reserve the best in class hotels, resorts, food and much more.


Conclusively, it can be easily said that the majority of travelers and tourists focus more upon booking the best-priced airline and making the most effective budget but, they do not care about several other important elements that are highly important to follow.

It does not where you are going. Being able to save as much money as possible and making the most out of your time are only a few elements. You should know every bit of information regarding the daily routine, the public commutation means, roads and railways, clothing, norms and tradition before reaching your destination. These tips have helped countless people and we are sure you will also enjoy the benefits of following these suggestions.

Top 10 Online Travel and Tourism Agencies

Alisa Mason

Alisa Mason is a renowned travel and tourism expert. She owns more than ten years of experience in her chosen industry and manages a dedicated blog for the global travel and tourism enthusiasts.

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