Top 10 Things to Do Before Laser Skin Rejuvenation

 Emma Kalman
  Jul 05, 2018

Laser skin rejuvenation is an effective anti-aging treatment method. It can help your skin look younger, fresher and healthier if you wish to remove signs of ages, wrinkles or impact of excessive exposure to sunlight.

Laser skin rejuvenation removes skin layer by layer with meticulousness. The new skin cells that are generated during healing give the skin a younger, smoother looking appearance. The procedure is quite effective on its own but it can also be combined with other skin resurfacing procedures if you want.

Here are the top ten things you should do before opting for laser skin rejuvenation:

1. Find out what to expect from the procedure:

As is the case with all medical procedures, it helps to find out what to expect, so you may go in mentally prepared and with full information. Laser skin rejuvenation is performed by a dermatologist or a skin specialist. It is an outpatient procedure, meaning that you won’t have to be admitted to a ward or have to stay overnight at the hospital.

The time required to carry out the procedure depends on the area of your face being treated. The dermatologist may just treat your nose, forehead, etc. or treat your entire face. Laser skin rejuvenation of the entire face generally takes two hours.

2. Review your medical history:

Chart out your medical history properly for the skin specialist and mention history of any disease, any medications you might be taking or any past dermatological procedures you might have been treated to.

3. Discuss your concerns and expectations:

Don’t hesitate or shy away while discussing your expectations and fears regarding the procedure and have an open, frank discussion with your dermatologist. As you’ll be shelling out a considerable sum of money on this procedure, you deserve your money’s worth.

4. Get a physical exam:

Get a physical examination from your doctor. Your dermatologist will inspect your skin type and determine how it will be affected by the procedure. Skin laser treatments, including CO2 laser and pulsed dye lasers usually are only recommended for individuals in robust health. Even if you feel well and don’t have a history of any serious medical complaints, you are advised to hold a meeting with your primary care doctor in advance, to ascertain that you are in good shape for the treatment.

5. Take medication if you are suffering from a bacterial or viral infection:

If you are planning to receive an anti-aging treatment such as laser skin rejuvenation and you have a history of herpes infections around your oral cavity — your skin specialist will prescribe an antiviral medication before and after treatment to prevent any infection. In the case of some bacterial infection, he will recommend an antibiotic medication. He might also advise you to use a topical retinoid on your skin for a month before the procedure.

6. Avoid sun exposure:

Take extreme care that you are not exposed to excessive sunlight and avoid tanning, both artificial and natural. Exposure to excessive sunlight up to two months before the laser skin rejuvenation procedure may cause permanent irregular pigmentation on your face. Wear a sunscreen and protective clothing.

7. Do not smoke:

If you are a smoker, quit smoking at least a month before receiving your laser skin rejuvenation treatment. Not only does smoking have adverse effects on skin that is about to be treated by lasers but it also speeds up aging of the skin and makes it look older.

8. Avoid aspirin and blood thinning medications:

Experts recommend people planning to receive laser skin rejuvenation to not use aspirin or blood thinning drugs at least a month before the procedure.

9. Determine the best time for the procedure:

Depending on the area you live in, choose a time of the year when you will have minimum exposure to sunlight. Autumn season is ideal.

10. Do not compromise on quality:

Look for the best laser clinic in town and do not compromise on quality and health safety. Your health is not an area to save money on.

Top 10 Things to Do Before Laser Skin Rejuvenation

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