Top 10 Tips for Buying a Used Car In 2018

 Lisa Mitchell
  Jun 20, 2018

When you intend to buy a used car then you definitely would save a considerable amount of money instead of buying a new one. The second-hand market gives you many options to choose from. The only problems that are created are by the hard-nosed salesman. The tips that we are going to discuss would help you to buy the best of the used car.

The Considerations to Buy the Best of Used Car

The below considerations would help you to avoid the nasty surprises so that you can get the best of the used car for you this year. Let us have a look at those.

Select a year old car: Suppose you have the desire to purchase a car whose value is of $ 23, 000. If you see that the same model of car which is year old can be had at a price of $ 21, 000. Yes, that is what is called depreciation. Amazingly, in the second year, the amount of depreciation would not be so much. So, it would always be wise to buy a car which is a year old.

Beat the expert site: There are many sites that have experts and their job is to analyze the old car market and analyze which car would be beneficial for you to buy. You can easily beat such site and have their advice when you desire to buy a used car.

If you see their advice you will see that buying a car with a small engine would be cheaper than those having bigger engines. You can select a petrol car than the diesel model if you want to have a car at a cheap rate. Likewise, you can choose a manual car than the automatic to buy the best of a used car at an affordable rate.

You also need to choose a car whose carbon emission is the lowest. If you have a car with much of carbon emission then you will be paying more tax.

By now you must have made the selection of the model of used car that you intend to buy. It is time to consider some other consideration so that you can have an effective buy.

Select the proper time: You must select the proper time to buy used cars. The dealers of used cars also do have a target to achieve. These targets are quarterly and so the end of March, September, and December would be the best time to buy a used car. They will be open to negotiation and you can save some valuable dollars when having a purchase.

On the other hand, if you are trying to buy a used car from a private dealer then there are no targets and so the time of purchase has to be determined differently. You have to keep a close eye on the price of the selected model that you are intending to buy.

If you see that the price is falling then you can wait but on the other hand, if it has a rising tendency then it would be wise to buy sooner.

Set the expectation desired: You must totally make up your mind what you exactly want from the car. Like if you are starting a family it would be unwise to buy a two-seater version of a car. So, list out the expectations and check which model offers the best of such fulfillment.

The proper way to dispose of your car: If you have a car currently then you definitely would have to sell it off so that you can buy a used one of your choice. There are practically two options open. One you can exchange the car and the other is for sale it off privately.

When you exchange the car that you are using the car that you intend to buy then it is of less hassle but it would not lead you to save money. If you sale off to a private dealer it is a lengthy process but will give you back a considerable amount of money. It is up to you to decide which way you intend to take.

Decide the finance options: You can check every model of car to see what would be the upfront cost, consider the repayment options, the fuel efficiency of the model, the tax that you have to pay, car insurance, MOTs if applicable and the like.

These considerations need to be considered so that you can understand whether it is financially viable for you to have that particular model of car. These considerations need to be considered carefully as that all have long drawn financial impact on you.

Compare dealers: It would not be wise to just be at a dealer outlet and have the used car that you intend to buy. It would be best to compare dealers regarding the price that they can offer and also the models of cars that are available with them.

If you feel that the dealers near you are not able to fulfill your requirement and desires then you need to increase the radius of search. It is for sure that you will definitely find one who will be able to match your requirements and desires.

Always bargain: It would be very foolish of you if you pay the list price of the dealer. You must always bargain. You must keep with you the best price that can be had with you handy and make the dealer compete with that price.

Select wisely: Finally, it would be wise to select the car with utmost care. As it is a used car you must be extra cautious. You must check for how many miles the car has been driven, the overall condition of the car needs to be gauged, have tests on the engine, the oil indicator and radio set attached and obviously the condition of the tires.

Test Drive: After you have physically selected a car you need to test drive the car so that you can see practically how efficient the car is.

Pay using a credit card: Try paying a part of the cost of the used car using a credit card. This will help you to have protection against anything it happens to be wrong. The dealer would be liable for that.

If you follow these considerations with care then it is for certain that you will have the best of a used car at an affordable price.

Top 10 Tips for Buying a Used Car In 2018

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