Top 3 Software for Businesses this Year

  Aug 22, 2018

Businesses in today’s world need dedicated software for its successful growth and operation. There are various types of software to help in the business needs. As your business is growing there will come a point where a decision should be made about the systems you currently use in your business. Without the integration of various software it causes inefficiency and negatively effects your business growth. Consolidating the various small systems has various advantages that you can expect with the adoption of these software. Software in enterprises has the near-impossible mission of collaborating and coordinating all the unique task of business in a digital interface. Companies who already own a software grow too old and they invest no effort to modernize and leverage the latest technologies to empower employees.

Use of the business software is vital for automation of the organization’s tasks as well as reporting the progress of the organization’s activities. It reduces workload by the automation of activities. The business software comes in many types. It includes custom systems, cloud systems and some other programs you purchase off the shelf. Anyway lets us now take a look at the type of software that businesses use the most, for what they use it.:

1. Intranet solution

Aufait is backed by expertise and experience in providing intranet solutions to utilize the virtual world. Our intranet software helps its users to implement a dynamic corporate environment enabling an efficient and timely collaboration and communication between the management and the employees by assisting in making the resources and information accessible when and where needed. Our intranet software has evolved to incorporate aspects that are more social and allow communication and collaboration from multiple stakeholders across the organizational hierarchy. This intranet software is a one-stop-shop for all your digital assets and saves the time spent in switching between various apps.

If you would like to get started with the search for intranet software to replace your old deprecated site, or you want to deploy an intranet for the first time, our 10+ years in business can help you to embark your project.

2. Tender management solution

Our e-procurement system provides seamless automation of complex and large-scale open, restricted, global and proprietary tenders. Aufait's best in class tender management software has been made keeping in mind the best practices in online tender management system obtained over many years of research in working intimately with governments, multinational and large public sector units. This is a proven methodology for online contract management and vendors. The e-tender software gives a unified electronic vault to documentation, disposing of the inefficiencies and risks when compared with the conventional paper-based contract management process.

It delivers complete automation to the tendering process for government and public entities. Create, manage, distribute and evaluate the tenders with the help of easy to use e tendering solution by Aufait.

3. Appraisal management system

The amount of work in reviewing the work for hundreds of employees is a dreadful job for the HR managers. Aufait offers performance appraisal as an available feature in our award-winning performance appraisal system for medium and large businesses. This tool makes the employee performance review process simpler smoother, just plain and much better than your old way. This is the only system available, which can improve both the employee and organization performance. With the help of customizable review cycle, you can decide a period for conducting the employee performance evaluation. With a performance management system, employees grow and thrive in the forward focusing performance culture.

These days, a great deal of organizations in relatively every industry are utilizing sophisticated business software to fuel their development yet a lot of organizations are still struggling hard to maintain their growth and manage costs effectively. This business software are changing the manner in which enterprises run and empower them to rise above the developing agonies that were previously chasing them in taking their business to a next level.

Top 3 Software for Businesses this Year


Sreelakshmi is a SharePoint designer is a developer by day and writer by night. Her passion for technology made her dwell deep into Microsoft Sharepoint services.

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