Top 5 Destinations in Kerala You Should Definitely Visit

 Richa Sahni
  Sep 03, 2018

Good travel and tourism companies are often hard to avoid when you want to plan a trip. Whether it is about honeymoon packages in Kerala or just a simple idea of Kerala trip packages for your family, you need to have proper guidance from a company that knows what the entire vacation means to you. Organized holiday tour packages to a place Kerala can really be good.

We are all leading rather busy lives these days, with very little time left for personal leisure and for our loved ones. In this scenario, it becomes important that you take a break to retain your sanity and utilize your time off by spending it with your partner. There can’t be anything better than traveling to unexplored destinations together. Traveling with your partner is an even more rewarding experience, as you get to know each other better and share beautiful memories that will further get you in to a much closer bond. If you are planning a trip to Kerala here are a few things you can include in your package.

Top destinations in Kerala that you can visit in your trip:

1. Munnar Tea Gardens: This place was recognized by Duke of Wellington, which offers sapling of tea plants which have been planted since 1760. Even today you can see the entire tea plantation from miles away. These picturesque tea gardens have rich tea fragrance of tea. Another attractive site is for the Neelakurinji flower which blooms just once in 12 years. The flora and fauna is the most attractive aspect of this place which has made this a famous tourist destination. This place comes in the list of Kerala honeymoon tours by many tours and travels companies.

Munnar Tea Gardens

2. Kerala backwaters: Kerala backwaters are a network of interconnected canals and rivers as well as lakes and inlets which has been formed by more than 900 waterways. It covers a distance of 205 km and runs parallel to the coastline of southern Kerala. There are various resorts just at the bank of these rivers that offers tourists an amazing place to stay.

Kerala Backwaters

3. Guruvayur Temple: This temple is specifically dedicated to Lord Krishna located in the town of Guruvayur, Kerala. It is one of the most important places of worshipping for Hindus of Kerala. Guruvayur Temple is one of the most popular destinations in Kerala tours when travelling for family.

4. Athirappilly Waterfalls: Nicknamed the “Niagara Falls of India”, it is the largest waterfall of Kerala. This waterfall has diverse wildlife and fauna, running about 145 km long. There are various jungle safari trips that are organized for tourists who visit Kerala. Among thousands of places, when you think of Kerala tourism this waterfall is a must destination for every traveller.

5. Varkala Beach: This beach is also known as Papanasam beach located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala along the Arabian Sea. It is considered holy by many religious people. It is believed that a simple dip in its water washes away one’s sin for the entire life.

Varkala Beach

When you look for various Kerala tour packages ensure that you find a reputed travels and tours company. There are numerous sport adventure events, beautiful serene views, beaches, religious places, etc. that gives you the reason to visit Kerala at least once in a lifetime. Kerala tour packages can be wonderful for those who want to laze around and enjoy the serene beauty of nature. Munnar, Ooty, and other hill stations are other places that you can consider for a quiet, romantic holiday.

Travel packages are becoming extremely popular in the recent times. In simple terms, travel packages offer you good value for money and great convenience. The best tour packages are all inclusive – you book your flight tickets, your hotel, and plan your travel itinerary, all in one go! This makes traveling hassle-free and is definitely ideal for couples with busy work schedules. Also, there some very good deals and discounts offered by many travel companies on these travel packages, thereby making them a steal!

Top 5 Destinations in Kerala You Should Definitely Visit

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