Top 5 Headphones And Earphones Myths Exposed

 Katherine Joseph
  Dec 24, 2018

5 Headphones And Earphones Myths Exposed

Why earphones and headphones have become the most essential gadget in our lives? They allow us to escape, dream, act, and get into the flow. Whether the external environment is positive or negative, you don’t have to worry a single minute about it. Let the noises not distract you from what you are doing by getting your headphones on and playing your favorite music in a loop.

According to stats, around $12.6 billion is the worth of the worldwide market of headphones and earphones. In 2025, this worth will increase to $20.8 billion as per expectations.

It is something that offers us constant entertainment and ease of communication by cutting back any unnecessary noise from the surroundings.

Furthermore, it offers one an easy escape from the rat race of the world or maybe the constantly complaining people. In fact, the usability and handiness have added to the popularity of these hearing devices even more in the past few years.


However, there are numerous myths about headphones or earphones that you hear on and off such as:

Every Headphone Comes with a Universal Fit

No, it’s not right. Every individual has different size and shape of ears. For this reason, not all headphones have a universal fit. A befitting headphone for one might be unfitting to the other.

In fact, a misfit headphone will give you poor quality sounds and hence a poorer auditory experience. Therefore, desperately wanting the headphones with a high number of positive reviews may be disadvantageous as you don’t know its size.

Bear this in mind that a perfect-fit headphones is necessary to get the right sounds in the right way. It’s also required for comfortable and clear listening of audios.

Headphones Badly Affect the Hearing Power

It’s actually a false statement. Your hearing ability can be affected when exposed to loud sounds for extended periods. As a matter of fact, the continuous exposure to loud sounds directly into our ears can cause hearing loss. More notably, cranking up the volume of audios on headphones to over 85 dB is dangerous and damaging to your hearing.

Therefore, blaming the headphones totally, for this reason, is not actually right. You need to make careful use of headphones in order to avoid damage to your hearing.

So, it's highly advisable to listen to any audio through headphones at a moderate volume. In addition, avoid lengthy exposures of listening via headphones too since it matters just the same as the volume does.

Electronic Earplug Blocks Noise

This is nothing more than a myth. Electronic earplugs look like an elegant earwear without obstructing the ear canal. They are durable and reusable that’s why they can work for extended period of times. Their affordability and efficient working makes them a Must-Have electronic hearing protection, especially for avid hunters and shooters.

Moreover, they protect your ear from noise to some extent for allowing the clearer sound of the audio you listening. At the same time, they let you hear environmental sounds too to not to disconnect you from the outer world.

Electronic earplugs are actually designed to protect your hearing from damaging sounds to avoid hearing loss. For this reason, you’d never regret investing in electronic earplugs.

Nonetheless, a poorly fit earplug can enhance the level of noise by some decibels. Therefore, get yourself the perfectly sized earplugs that will block out the shrill noises from the outside. As a whole, they are definitely a great choice this year, have a look at the electronic earplug reviews.

Loud Sounds are Damaging to Headphones and Earphones

Loud sound does not actually damage headphones or earphones. In fact, headphones or earphones are capable of putting out the pressure levels of damaging sound before it reaches the breakdown volume. Nonetheless, not the loud sound but higher electrical signals can damage the hearing device. Hence, listening to safe volumes i.e., <85 Db with headphones is recommended.

Excessive Perspiration is Ruining to Earphones

There is no truth in this statement. For many years, professional artists have been wearing Shure earphones whenever they go live. Typically, they wear earphones for many hours which leads to excessive perspiration also.

Therefore, prior to using and after manufacturing them, every Shure earphone is exposed to salt spray, humidity and heat to test. Moreover, it is ensured that their functionality is perfectly alright in such environments.

Nonetheless, an extreme amount of moisture can change the quality of sound or reduce its output level. However, it may start to work normally once dried out i.e., by keeping them in the air for a few hours.

A towel or wipe can also be used to get rid of any type of moisture from the hearing device. In addition, keeping your hearing device clean on a regular basis is effective for good quality sound as well as for increasing their life. Also, keep them in a safe place to avoid any kind of damage and to use them for a longer period.

In case of significant perspiration due to wearing headphones having foam sleeves for a long time, you probably will require their frequent replacement than usual. It can be one time per week. You can opt for headphones with silicone, plastic, or rubber sleeves. Nonetheless, their sleeves are reusable since they don’t soak up moisture not even in the most perspiring conditions.

Furthermore, make sure to always remove any kind of debris or wax from earphones to maintain its cleanliness. You can use specific cleaning solution for this purpose or even a slightly wet wipe can serve this purpose too. But, be certain that the wipe shouldn’t be wet since exposure to water can be damaging to your earphones. Subsequent to cleaning your earphones, let them dry for a while by keeping them under air at some safe place.

At this point, you definitely will stop believing in all these myths about hearing devices since they are untrue. Now, you are all set to buy any kind of headphones that fit you perfectly and are not damaging to your ears. Have you heard about any other myth that is absolutely inapplicable to headphones? Let us know about it.

Top 5 Headphones And Earphones Myths Exposed

Katherine Joseph

This article is written by Katherine Joseph. She has been wearing hearing aids for over twenty years and still is a veteran of the audiology industry. She gives a holistic view of the hearing aid industry and the equipment available at

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