Top 5 Health Benefits Of Foot Massage

 Helen Clark
  Oct 06, 2017

Your feet do so much for you every day. They don’t just tolerate your daily pressure but also help you walk through so many discomforts and recklessness. Yet, it is only your feet which are the least looked after and lesser cared for.

It’s high time; you start pampering your feet and give them the care and nourishment that they deserve. Have you thought of a foot massage? When you get the kneading of your foot well, you alternatively, soothe your whole body. And as such, a good and soothing foot massage is all the therapy that you need to relax and comfort your feet.

Here are the most benefiting 5 merits of taking foot massage:

  1. Improved Sleep

So many people across the Globe have been uncomfortable while sleeping at night. They can’t get good and sound sleep, which can be a consequence of neglected foot care.

Thus, when you rest your feet with a much-needed massage, you automatically improve your sleep sensations. You can knead your feet before the bed time for about 10-15 seconds, which will take away your stress. In case you are very reckless to sleep, try solar plexus reflex for feet.

This means, you only have to tap inward the top of your feet until you can feel a slight dimpled pause there. Gently tap your foot inwards there, and you can enjoy a mesmerizing and blissful sleep at night.

2. Lowers Your Blood Pressure Level

High blood pressure is the major reason calling for so many diseases to the body. This can alternately result in increasing your chances of a heart attack as well the kidney malfunctions or stroke.

As important as the improved food habit, you have to lay stress over foot massaging which helps enormously with lowering the level of your blood pressure. This keeps your feet healthier, reduces the pain and other twinges in the feet, and automatically improves your heart blood circulation.

Repeating the massage regularly can enormously help you with improved lifestyle, comfort, and balance.

3. Stress Reliever

Massages are specifically known for taking away the stress from your body and give you relaxation. Be it body massage, head massage, or back massage, they are specifically intended to calm your senses.

However, a foot massage is typically the most amazing in taking away your uncertainties, fears, and all other sorts of worries. All you have to do is kneading your feet for just 10 minutes a day and you can observe a super change in your mood swings too.

Foot massaging keeps you happy to go, your mind relaxed, and your mood amazingly calm. Results have also witnessed that when you give or get a comforting foot massage to someone in deep grief for the lost life of a loved one, they get emotional support and stability with their stress, grief, and worries.

4. Prevents Injuries

Do you have joint pain troubling you in a very unwanted manner? Are you looking for faster ways of any injury with your foot? Foot massaging is the answer! Showing improved results subsequently reducing the muscle tenderness, a foot massage also takes away your serious joint pains.

Have you known about vertical climbers? This is an exercising tool which improves the functioning of your whole body and helps you get in proper body shape. This vertical climber can also be beneficially used as a measure of caring for your feet, giving you good sensation of calmness.

5. Heals The Leg Swellings

Many people go through serious swelling issues in their legs. Mostly during the periods of pregnancy, this can also be an outcome of your stretched hours of standing and sitting. This problem should not be neglected, however. This can be a major reason for causing kidney disease, failure of your heart functioning, malicious diseases with the lever, and so much more.

Consult your physician when you identify unnecessary swelling in your leg. Alongside, taking specific regular foot massage can extensively cure the swelling and take away the pain from your legs. Relieving all the foot pain from your legs, a proper foot massage also releases anxiety from you and helps overcome any sort of depression. This has also shown improved results with reducing the headaches and other issues related to a migraine from a being.

Ever since longer years back foot massage has been following the tradition of reducing tension from the muscles. But since, foot massage requires kneading movement; you need to be well aware of the forces to apply and the motions to circulate.

With the effective help of vertical climbers too, you can easily pamper your feet with the care that it needs. You can also apply some warm coconut oil, olive oil, or other essential oils to gently kneading your feet. Alongside, a foot roller can be of great help, when you have to undergo the foot massaging techniques.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Foot Massage

Helen Clark

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