Top 7 Ways Writing Can Be Beneficial for Your Mental Health

 Steven M. Mehler
  Dec 22, 2016

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Synopsis: Many studies have been conducted to prove that writing improves your mental health. Being happy, communicating clearly, and handling hard times better are just some of the benefits that you can gain from writing.

Studies have shown that writing benefits your mental health and brain activity. It does not matter what kind of writing you do – whether you are a professional writer, an author, a blogger, or someone who simply keeps a diary. Any act of writing has proven to enhance your mental health including being thankful, being focused, learning, and making a difference among others.

This article will endeavor to expand on every benefit in detail.

1. Being happy. It is quite therapeutic to be able to write down your feelings no matter if they are positive or negative. The point is that it provides you with an outlet instead of just bottling them up. The form of writing does not affect the results. You can write it down on a formal document, an academic paper, in your diary, or even on your blog. It does not matter who reads it as well.

You can either make it available to anyone who comes across it or keep it to yourself. Writing makes one happier in general and improves his mood almost immediately. To put things into perspective, writing your frustrations and struggles is equivalent to literally releasing this negative energy from your body. Instantaneously, you will feel lighter and better.

2. Communicating clearly. Communication is a skill that is developed and not born with. Writing regularly will help you develop this skill. Developing this skill is important because the ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas are important without this skill all this information and creativity will just go down the drain.
People often struggle with communication, even the smart ones. But with patience and a lot of practice, this skill can be developed. The satisfaction of being able to communicate your thoughts and ideas is optimal and very beneficial. Clearly, your ability to communicate well and clearly can help with your personal and professional development.

3. Handling hard times better. When faced with a problem, people either face it or run away from it. Writing is one form of facing your problems. It is the ability to express your problems and acknowledging them by writing them down.

In a way, writing about them is an attempt at understanding what your problems are, what their causes are, and how to resolve them accordingly. When you write about it, you will be able to see in a different way, perhaps even better, allowing you to have a deeper sense of what it is, what may have caused it, and how you can resolve it.

Additionally, writing about it can be an alternative way for when you do not have any family or friend to talk to. Bottling them up will not do you good and if you do not have anyone, it is best to release all of the negativities through writing.

In fact, many artists have used this skill to express their sadness and frustration and have even become popular and best sellers. The thing is, writing is wonderful. Once you learn the art of writing, you can even create something beautiful out of it.

4. Being thankful. Writing can either be a happy or sad expression and, of course, you can always choose to make it a happy experience. Make a habit of writing down the things that have made you happy, perhaps make it a daily exercise.

Keep a diary, journal, or blog and count your blessings there. You will soon realize that writing down the happy stuff will ultimately make your disposition better, lighter, and happier.

In fact, it can give you so much motivation on a rainy day, when the going gets tough. It will be a happier reminder that there are other things to focus on and be thankful for. You can even help motivate others by posting it on your blog and allow it to be viewed by anyone. A good deed is after all always appreciated.

5. Being focused. Not everyone is capable of multi-tasking. Unfortunately, to some it is a common occurrence to find ourselves juggling one too many tasks a day. More often than not, this can even lead to confusion and, worse, failure.

Writing down the tasks and activities that we need to fulfill can help with our organization and focus like a checklist or a to-do list. Likewise, it helps us remember things.

We have to admit, humans tend to forget and there is nothing wrong with that. Make it a habit to keep a journal or a planner to stay organized and focused. This way, you are closer to fulfilling your goals and be successful in anything that you do.

6. Learning. Have you ever noticed that students are often required to take down notes in class? Have you ever wondered why? Well, the reason for this is retention. When you write down notes, you are not simply copying or mimicking what the teacher says. You are, in fact, in the process of memorizing and understanding the lectures.

Writing is just one way of learning. If you are more of a visual person, writing will definitely help. Make it a habit to write down just about any idea that comes to mind in order for you to remember them in the future. Keeping a notebook and a pen nearby will help you get on with the habit.

7. Making a difference. You have to understand that personal and professional development are not only the benefits of writing. When done right, you can even inspire other people to become better versions of themselves. Think about the benefits you have gained by reading a book or watching a film.

These products of art have been written down by authors who have trained for many years just to enhance this skill. Everyone starts from somewhere so do not be discouraged by the fact that you are not as good as your favorite author yet. Make it a habit to write and perhaps enroll in writing classes to enhance it even more.

Whether you want to improve personally or professionally, writing has its perks. It doesn’t matter if your writings can be found on the best writing websites page or your mom is the only person who reads them. The main thing is that the process of writing will definitely help you stay mentally healthy. You just have to make it a regular habit to write and you will eventually discover the wonders if it can bring to your life and the lives of the people around you.

Top 7 Ways Writing Can Be Beneficial for Your Mental Health

Steven M. Mehler

Steven Mehler is an experienced writer, blogger, SEO specialist and social psychologist that works as an editor at a local newspaper and a freelance writer. Steven also runs his own content agency and is writing a book. He has a long-term experience in writing articles based on blogging, marketing, SEO and social psychology.

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