Top 8 Social Media Marketing Tools for Growth of Financial Business

 Rob Dean
  Jul 09, 2019

The business’s social presence is feasible with social media marketing as it can help you to improve brand awareness, engage more followers and reach to potential customers. Managing social media platform is little critical without the enrolment of the right tools. And the social media management tools are essential for the growth of your business especially if you’re running a financial organization.


8 social media marketing tools that will assist your business to grow higher

1. SocialDrift

The SocialDrift is used by McDonalds and major brands who have millions of followers around the world and it is an incredible friend of Instagram marketing. With its help, your brand’s follower count will increase, as it automates Instagram interactions. It comes up with information of total Instagrams's followers and further this platform takes the help of machine language to involve the users into your firm via likes, follows and comments. When a user analyses heavy Instagram followers of your business, they automatically create an interest to follow your account.

Frequently, financial advisor marketing services are sharing its connection with Instagram and use SocialDrift to promote their financial firm.

2. Canva

The popular social marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are using Canva tool to design photos and videos. As we know visual presentation is more influencing than text. Therefore, marketing experts are more insight to create attractive visuals or graphics to leverage the audience’s interest. And the financial chart is easy to create using Canva.

It holds plenty of designing tools, templates, tutorials and more. Consequently, users combine their material with these tools and create alluring images for the purpose of marketing. It works perfectly to generate stunning visualizations for your business.

3. Buffer

Buffer provides a quick solution to business owners to manage the social media posts. The app will help you to line up the posts of your account and similarly, it manages the posts of all other accounts.

Moreover, the app enhances many robust tools like group collaboration, photo editing, and data analytics about social media performance. Buffer can manage a mess of social media accounts to organize each post or account effectively. And this way, your brand marketing manages well and what else do you want? Your brand will reach each corner of the world in a systematic format.

4. Grytics

Whether many resources are worked on multiple platforms but Grytics focuses on facebook groups. It is one such application that works on facebook groups.

The app is very reliable and it gathers bulky information from different sources like posts and other groups. Furthermore, it manages the groups according to the audience’s trend. The firms which are using Grytics are more likely to get the most out of any linked facebook groups.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the only option works in social media management. It helps to maintain all your social accounts in one place. With it, you can publish posts and even schedule them for another day or time. It is very helpful in monitoring the keywords that you want to track.

Use the platform for your content and get innovative ideas to publish them and further you’ll realize their improved performance.

You can go with this option if you want to start your marketing work and want to get a stronger grip on viewers’ minds.

6. Sprout Social

A number of marketers successfully use Sprout Social for marketing their brand. Its main motive is to deepen the bond that your brand has been sharing with your followers, client or lovers. The messaging is involved to enhance the efficiency and communication mode that is basically possible through social media.

It offers social CRM and monitors all the inbox messages and in short, you can call it a social media management platform. The posts can be published, schedules and drafted while you track the keywords and examine what should come first.

7. MavSocial

MavSocial can assist with easy-to-use campaign calendar to schedule your posts in advance and when required you can reschedule the most engaging posts. Apart from this, it also helps in monitoring keywords, tracking all comments and messages and organizes all your visual material appropriately.

8. Geo-search tool

These days, many businesses are most interested to boost up their local audience. A Geo-search tool will help you to find out what is happening in the local areas that are most relevant to your business. It allows a feature of 'tracking conversation' within specific boundaries.


There are enormous social media tools that can boost up your social strategy. These tools are sharing common features but they stand out with their unique identity or reliability and how it can work for your brand.

Picking up the right marketing tool is an important factor and look into a matter: what you need to consider:

• What are the features that you want in your social media management platform?

• Choose the tool that can support your budget

• Reliable customer support will help you to learn the new tool

Choose which your favourite marketing tool is and write to us in the comment section.

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Tools for Growth of Financial Business

Rob Dean

Rob Dean is a digital marketing expert.

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