Top 9 things to know about whisky investment in Singapore

 Premjith B P K
  Jun 05, 2018

People have already habituated with wine investment, but there is another investment of passion-whiskey investment which has created a great buzz over the past few years. Whisky investment is growing hurriedly in the market of Singapore and other prime Asian cities. The Scotch Whisky Association has claimed that the demand for single malt whisky is growing rapidly in the recent times and the sales of whisky were increased by 190% as compared to the past decade.

Whisky production is a time-consuming endeavour and that’s why there is a huge gap between the demand and supply. The broader wine market is slowing down because people are becoming fussy and choosy these days and hence, they have a proximity to fine wines, rare whiskies and other exotic spirits. For this reason, the investors have become more sophisticated and want to invest in the products of Western countries. It is true that most of the investors prefer to collect single malts, still, premium and rare blended whiskies are also getting high prices at auctions.

Here, we are mentioning some factors that you should know before you are planning for whisky investment in Singapore.

  1. You must know that whisky is a non-perishable product. You can consume it for a long time even if you have opened the bottle. The price is quite stable for whisky and the storage is much easier than wine.

  2. As a pure instrument of investment, premium whisky has performed better than the traditional one. They are loved by all and their follower base is also awesome.

  3. Scotland is the only place where single malt whisky is made. It requires malted barley which is available only in Scotland. Single malts are produced only in one distillery. It is made in copper stills in a batch process and is aged for a minimum of three years in oak casks. You must pick single malts from the pre-eminent distilleries like Macallan, Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, etc.

  4. You should know that the flavour of the whisky depends to an extent on its age. The whiskies which are the newbie, their flavor is like the distillery. On the other hand, the whiskies which are older their flavor is to the cask in which it was aged.

  5. Apart from the actual cost of the whisky itself, there are many other costs which are associated with this investment. You need to calculate the cost of bottling, transaction, transport, storage, and distribution. Therefore, you need to invest a chunk of money and your investment should be near about $50,000.

  6. Before plunging into whisky investment, you need to ensure that you have adequate assets like cash, property, bonds, etc. Because the market is very speculative and competitive. So, if you want to survive and want to surpass your competitors, make sure that you have a strong financial background. Whisky is also quite an illiquid asset.

  7. You need to keep a watch for single cask releases and limited quantities. Distilleries which have closed down recently would be the perfect place to start as they are no longer producing any whisky. That’s why they will certainly produce rare whiskies which will give you a great profit in the market. You can take the examples of Port Ellen and Brora.

  8. Whisky investors can purchase bottles directly either through whisky funds or through various online investment platforms which are specially designed for the whiskies. Very often, these organizations conduct multiple events for whisky tasting in Singapore. Apart from auctions, there are many more things like pre-bottling releases, etc. There you can take an opinion and guidance from an expert and the sagacious person who has an in-depth knowledge of whisky and its market. He will guide you about rare whiskies, where you should invest, which to hold, which to sell, appropriate storage, whisky cellars and many more relevant things.

  9. As an investor, you should take a wise decision regarding your investments so that in future you don’t need to meet a huge loss. And for this, the whisky market is very good because there is a severe shortage of whiskies which are aged for 30 years and over. You must be astonished to know that the demand is increasing day by day. According to David Robertson, director of rare whiskies at White & Mackay, auction of rare whisky bottles are fetching around £ 5 million, and are expected to cross £ 15 million by next year. So, you can clearly understand that how much demanding is a rare whisky bottle.

These are some factors that you must consider before going for a whisky investment in Singapore. If you evaluate all these points, then you will surely get a good refund against your investment.

Top 9 things to know about whisky investment in Singapore

Premjith B P K

Premjith is a business icon who runs an investment business, investing in stock market and trading businesses. He has rich experience in stock market, real estate market, investment, and trading businesses. His field of expertise is very vast. He has been working in close association with the market trends and real-estate business and he has continuously evolved exploring newer market trends. More than anything else he can best recommend where to invest your wealth to keep them multiplying with time and he has discovered the latest investment trend - Single Malt Whisky casks as one of steady and safe option for investment. The Scotch Whisky in the past decade has out-performed all traditional investment trends like gold, real estate, stock and crude oil. His deep knowledge about the best scope in the investment sector is showcased in his blog works and articles.

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