Top Things to do in Shimla: Perfect for everyone

 Praveen Kumar
  Oct 01, 2018

Whenever it comes to the best holiday destinations in North India, Shimla definitely comes to everybody’s mind. The lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains, and pleasant climate all come together to make it a perfect summer escapade.

Before you come to know about top things to do in Shimla, you need to know some important facts about Shimla which will definitely help you to explore it in the best way.

Best time to visit Shimla:

Though Shimla can be visited year-round it should be avoided during the months of July - September due to heavy rainfall.

December to February is the very best time to visit Shimla as the weather remains pleasant and you can enjoy skiing and ice-skating during these months.

Camping in Mashobra

If you are exhausted and done visiting all the famous places, enjoy camping in Mashobra where you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. It will be short, adventurous, and inexpensive trip. The place offers a typical camping experience in the mountains surrounded by pine and deodar trees. One can enjoy a bonfire and many adventurous activities there.

Rafting in Sutlej River

If you are willing to enjoy rafting in Sutlej River, you need to move to the outskirts of Shimla where you can enjoy this exhilarating sport. There are three different stretches 5, 12, and 36 km. The rafting route ends at Tattapani where you can find natural hot water springs.

Visit the Kufri Fun Campus

Perhaps you have visited so many amusement parks but this is completely different from its location as it is encompassed by the lush greenery and you breathe in fresh air. And the Camus is full of entertaining rides such as flying fox, go-karting, rope bridge, and dashing cart. Here, you can enjoy with your whole family and the price of ticket starts from Rs. 2200.

Enjoy Toy Train Ride

The ride starts at Kalka and takes you to Shimla, which is a most enjoyable thing in Shimla. The train introduces you to the pine-covered mountains, 108 tunnels piercing the lush green mountains and it gets only better when you ride in winters. The organization – UNESCO declared it a world heritage site which gives you the best reason to enjoy the ride of a toy train. All you need to book it in advance on the IRCTC website.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating in Shimla is an open rink that offers majestic views of mountains. Anybody would like to have this kind of experience. This is one of the biggest open-air platforms to enjoy skating. And one more important fact is that this is the only natural skating rink in India. Techniques taught by British are being used to form the ice which allows us to enjoy ice skating in the summer capital of India. The thick forest around keep it shaded so that ice couldn’t melt.

Trek to Jakhu Temple

Situated at a breathtaking elevation of 2455 m, Jakhu Hill is said to be the highest place in Shimla. Trekking to the top of Jakhu Hill is one of the most exciting things to do in Shimla. Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, or rainy; the 2.5 km of trekking trails will be the most enjoyable thing in Shimla.

Shopping at Lakkar Bazar

When the sun goes down behind the mountains in the evening, Lakkar Bazaar displays a vibrant picture and the long stretch on either side of the road offers some of the gorgeous woodwork artifacts. Not only artifacts, you can also buy winter wears at a very low price. The place is perfect to pick souvenirs for your family or friends.

Visit Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

Built in the kingdom and by British, the building was made in the honor of Indian President. But later, it was passed to the then Indian President – Dr S Radhakrishnan to convert into to advanced studies in arts & humanities. The unusual architectural beauty and gorgeous surroundings of this place make it one of the popular places to visit in Shimla.

There are numerous things you can enjoy in the lap of this gorgeous town. From breathtaking adventures to the excursion, you never find yourself bore in Shimla. So what are you waiting for? Book Shimla tour packages and head off to Shimla with your family or friends or love.

Top Things to do in Shimla: Perfect for everyone

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