Traffic Planet- The Hosting That Live Up To Your Expectations!

 Smith Paul
  Jul 18, 2016

My website development - Done!

Website designing - Amazingly engineered!

Website traffic volume - Strategizing intelligently!

Website hosting - Will use any cost-effective and reliable web host as I am now short on budget.

Yes, this is what I was thinking a few months back when I get built my website and planning how to generate more traffic.

I tried hands over one such hosting services for my website and everything was going quite fine. I was delight to see the traffic volume was improving and getting better day by day.


Heck, this is what every website owner like me want. Right?

Suddenly, after a few days of embracing the hosting service, I observed a frightening thing in my analytics. Guess what? The traffic to my website was crazily going down.

It was truly upsetting. I won’t able to understand anything. Why a handful of visitors are visiting the website in a day?

I began searching what had taken away my 50% of the website traffic, increased the bounce rate and lowered the search engine ranking.

After digging into depth, I found that due to poor web hosting services, the loading time multiplied by three when the traffic to the website got increased and that was turning away the visitors to my website.

That time I remembered Google’s own verdict that states just a second delay in your website loading would impact the conversion rate and search engine ranking.

I decided to migrate my website to a new web host off the bat. So I started shopping around for hosting services.

Well, it was also not so easy because in a matter of minutes, I cannot do all the research and choose one among the hoard of hosting service providers. That’s really difficult.

And, a lot of problems I faced before zero in the choice to one web host. They are:

There are web hosts that provide superfast speed, but all the set up I have to do it at my own. Oops! I am not technical guy.

Hosting services charge extra for server management, eh.

Web host stipulated about great performance, but reviews were saying something else.

Sometimes, the unreasonable price structure was not a right fit for me.

While researching around for hosting services, there are a few names- Bluehost, Godaddy, HostGator, TMD Hosting, WPEngine and Traffic Planet hosting that were highly used and recommended.

But, one name keeps on showing up that’s Traffic Planet hosting.

Traffic Planet was exceling in every service that ideally every single web host is anticipated to provide. The impressive things I found were- great reviews, ultimate support, intuitive interface, speed and cost-effective pricing structure.

I finally migrated my WordPress website to Traffic Planet hosting (TPH) in a day by doing simple processes and the transition to TPH was seamless.

The journey with TPH is fantastic. TPH is different.

Here I have illustrated my TPH review and what made me to count on it?

1) Bespoke interface

Getting started with TPH is a breeze!

In a matter of minutes, I was able to set up the account, they migrated my WordPress blog for free of cost and that though within few hours.

That was difficult to accept as I had an experience of working with the interfaces, which were too complex for novice players.

2) All it matters is speed and performance

The real test of hosting services starts when the traffic on your website is at peak.

TPH has passed this test successfully. It has great potential to handle traffic spikes and perform incredibly by decreasing load times.

How Traffic Planet hosting make it done?

TPH typically move the customers to another machine when the number of customer on a machine begin affecting website performance. This way it enable websites to stand even under tremendous traffic.

3) Provide support that you rave for

Most of the web hosts overcommit, but under deliver.

They less often keep the promises after the hosting services are sold. And, approaching for the support is like making an effort to tell something to deaf ears.

As opposed to other web hosts, the support Traffic Planet hosting offer is completely different.

Every time, TPH respond in a few minutes no matter whether customer is trying to connect with them via email or live chat. The response is always apt and immediate unlike others.

4) FREE Migration to Traffic Planet

Making the transition from current web host to another is always panic. A lot has to be done. A single mistake may lead to downtime of the website. Furthermore, it’s premium as well.

Don’t sweat it! Here, Traffic Planet hosting comes to the rescue.

TPH enable website hosting migration easily and at no cost. Also, it puts no limitation over the installation of any number of WP plugin. That’s the reason it’s catching more eye balls.

5) Investment in Traffic Planet- It’s worth

My worst experience- When I invested into bargain priced web host and the traffic had gone southwards.

It really sucks!

On the other hand, Traffic Planet hosting service not.

When I weighed the pricing plan and the features of TPH with others, I was bewildered.

Although TPH is premium, but after seeing the benefits it provide as compared to others, it’s like getting more in less spending.

There I learnt a lesson- saving of few pennies may lead to lose of huge bucks.

6) Offers security like no other

Leveraging the web host that makes compromise with your website security, is something that’s intolerable.

It is the scene with many web hosts that don’t respond when they are communicated the issues to fix them.

TPH is quite better than others. They provide free Google sponsored SSL certificates to the customers that enable secured communication between web browser and web server.

Once, I found a bug in the TPH plugin that’s weakening my website’s security. I instantly reported the security issue to the TPH to get it resolved. The TPH team responded through email illustrating what next I am supposed to do to keep my website secured.


Every coin has two faces, but for Traffic Planet Hosting I found just the pros and no cons. It sounds peculiar. Right?

There is no need to brag about TPH services, as the websites to whom it is powering through its hosting services are already speaking in tons.

This is the reason I switched to Traffic Planet hosting and improved my website performance again by reducing the website load time from 7.2 seconds to 2.8 seconds.

Its groundbreaking services and support led me to host my three new website on it.

So this is what I have experienced. How about you? What are you waiting for?

Bank on Traffic Planet hosting and create a major breakthrough.

Peeps, not to mention, but don’t forget to share your views in the comments below.

Traffic Planet- The Hosting That Live Up To Your Expectations!

Smith Paul

Smith Paul is More than 11 years’ experience in Digital Marketing field, having more than 16 hosting accounts, top in Quora and yahoo answers.

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