Traffic Rules in India: Most Common Traffic Rules & Regulation

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 04, 2019

In India, we are not used to following the traffic rules. The people of India always overlook the traffic rules of the road, which will result in an accident ultimately. The drivers in India hardly follow the traffic rules. They do not give importance to road safety. If you obey common traffic rules of the road, you can avoid the accident and save your life including pedestrian as well.

Traffic Rules

Below are Some Common Traffic Rules of the Road in India

Vehicles should be kept to the left side:

Whenever a vehicle is coming from the opposite direction, always keep your vehicle to the left side and let that vehicle pass to avoid an accident. Suppose, you both follow the same direction, then the chances of collision will be there. If you choose an appropriate side, you can avoid the collision.

Keep enough distance:

While driving your vehicle, keep an adequate distance from your opposite vehicle. Always keep the limited speed of your vehicle so that you can avoid dash with your front vehicle. If you are driving at a full speed, you can lose control over your vehicle and dash with the front vehicle. In such a circumstance, you have a few seconds to take a judgment or brake. It is very difficult for any driver to control the vehicle at a time. This will lead you to a fatal accident. If you are driving slowly, you can judge the vehicle distance and control your vehicle in time.

Must have a valid driving license:

Those who drive a vehicle should have a valid driving license, documents of the registration of the vehicle. You must have these documents to drive a vehicle. Without possessing these documents, you cannot drive. If you do so without enough documents, you are found guilty. Hence, the possession of such documents is needed.

Understand the Most Important Traffic Rules:

Always use a helmet:

For some people, traffic rules are only on a page. They don’t matter. Especially, the young generation always avoids wearing the helmet as they don’t like their face is covered by the helmet. According to the traffic rules, two- wheeler must wear the helmet and the same rule applies to his/her partner also. A seat belt must be used by a four-wheeler in the case of a sudden collision. With the help of a seat belt, you can avoid lethal injuries and can rescue yourself as well as others.

Follow the signals:

Traffic Rules in India

We are always in a hurry to reach the office that is why we always ignore indication of signals that causes traffic or accident. In some incidents, pedestrians are not aware of the signal and meet with an accident. So it is both accountabilities to obey the signals. Please, do not move your vehicle till there is a yellow light. The Yellow light should not be crossed while overtaking. Wait for a green light to move your vehicle ahead. Always overtake on the right side. Never take a risk to overtake on the zebra crossing, school zones, and narrow roads otherwise you will be wounded.

Don’t use a mobile while driving:

There is a law that you cannot use a mobile while driving but nobody obeys. Most of the people have a habit of using cell phones while driving but they do not know that the mobile can distract your brain and when driving. Somebody suggest using a hands-free device while driving but there is also a risk. Too much usage of mobile phones is the distraction to your brain and driving as well. So please avoid using mobile when you are driving.

Don’t drink alcohol when driving:

Always avoid the consumption of any alcoholic products, especially liquor. After drinking you will become subconscious and drive your car or bike recklessly that hurts you as well as others. It is an apparent violation of the traffic rules. In some case, you will be imprisoned.

If we want people to follow the traffic rules of the road in India, we all must unite and bring awakening in people about the traffic rules. We must make them understand the pros and cons of following traffic rules. So, what you propose to do tomorrow, do it today and what you propose to do today, do this very instant.

Traffic Rules in India: Most Common Traffic Rules & Regulation

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