Trending House Painting Designs and Colors 2018

 Janice Jaramillo
  Apr 03, 2018

One way to showcase the style of your home is through its paint colors. Each shade has its appeal that gives a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Bright colors encourage energy. Light ones are for relaxation while neutrals are the in-betweeners. They are hard workers as they accent or break off the shades in a room.

Consequently, a new year comes with fresh inspiration. This 2018, you can use a new set of trending painting designs and colors for your Avida Towers Centera condo. Below are some exciting shades for the bedroom, bath, kitchen, and receiving area. It's time to get your painting supplies ready for this list.

Millenial Purple and Red

Though purple comes from combining blue and red, the light shade in this combo won't distract and be a contradiction. The colors are refreshing complements because they're unusual for the exterior of the home. The soft purple will remind you of cotton candy dreams. Meanwhile, the touch of red attracts attention to concealed spaces in a room.

Make it work: If you plan to use it outside, paint the front door and windows with red. Leave the rest with the savviest hue of the year. It can also work indoors. Functional rooms such as a home office or children's playroom can benefit from the energy and youthful vibe of the colors.

Cloudy White and Canary Yellow

No other hue can brighten a room like yellow. Its light shades such as butter, bumblebee, dandelion, daffodil, and lemon encourage natural light in the area. Hence, the place feels airy and look bigger than usual. If you want to ground the hue without using canceling its illumination, you can pair it with a neutral. Light ash or cloudy white will bring out any saturated yellow.

Make it work: Use the yellow to emphasize points. Apply it on trimmings or baseboards. You can also use it to create an accent wall. Another way to maximize the combination is by covering an area in the same proportion. It is the best color for living room walls especially those with small entryways and receiving areas.

Mint Green and Orange

Green and orange are hues you expect from a plant. By happy chance, these two work just as well in a contemporary dining area. The toothpaste shade of green and the bursting orange are formal dining room paint.

Make it work: Paint isn't only on the walls. You can use the shades on kitchen counters and pieces of furniture. A distressed wood table in mint is shabby chic. Pait it with chairs made of similar material. Use the orange on the walls or as seat covers. If you have counters and hanging drawers in the kitchen, paint the inner part of with mint green and replace its door with glass. It allows your ceramic flatware to standout. You can also douse the body of the counter with orange and leave the surface thriving in green.

Mulberry, Blush, and Butterscotch

Using the three colors on your home exterior shows off your playfulness and creativity. Blush is feminine and soft while mulberry is mysterious and elegant. The fusion results in comfort and sophistication. Adding butterscotch emphasizes its masculine side.

Make it work: The palette applies to 21st-century architecture as well as other similar styles. A structure with edges and rectangular buildings becomes inviting when used with these hues. Use butterscotch on windows and doors and blush overall the area. Rich mulberry completes the picture when applied to trimmings, columns, and panels.

Sky Blue and Navy

Combine two shades of blue in one area to copy the gradient of the sky or the waters in the sea. Start from the lightest shade until you reach the darkest tone. It creates an ombre effect resembling the depths of the ocean or sky with a vanilla twilight.

Make it work: The ombre on a wall helps the room appear larger as it conceals the height of the ceiling. You can use the different shades of blue to color-block a tall entrance door. Since blue represents water and calmness, using it to paint the bathroom won't be a bad idea.

Champagne and Pumpkin Spice

You take one bite at a time for the best things in life. Fortunately, you don't have to do the same with these paint color walls. The vibrancy of pumpkin spice dances smoothly with the lightness of champagne. Thus, they are the ideal paint colors to make a room look brighter sans the extra watts. If you want to highlight printed and Contempo pieces of furniture, you can use this paint combination.

Make it work: Both Champagne and Pumpkin Spice can be the backdrop of any room with standoffish home accessories and pieces of furniture. A dark red ottoman, lavish wood coffee table, or hanging extensive eggplant drapes need wall colors that will support them. Splash most of the area with the softer paint hue and use the darker one for specific details.

Matching paint colors to end up with the best house interior and exterior doesn't have to be a chore. Knowing which to prioritize in the area as well as the structure of the place will provide an insight into the hues to apply. Still, don't forget to consider your wants and needs for your home even if there are painting designs and colors trending this 2018.

Trending House Painting Designs and Colors 2018

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