Tricks to buy the best scuba diving outfit for women

  Jan 31, 2019

There are only a few places where the water remains enough warm allows you to dive comfortably – wearing just a swimsuit. Except for a certain season, in rest of the world, a diver must wear a diving suit. A scuba suit provides the necessary warmth that makes you able to dive for all day long in comfort.

Past vs. modern wetsuits:

In the past years, manufacturers used neoprene with a nylon lining only on one side while making diving suits. Divers had to combat several problems to put on these types of suits. They were really tough to put on, relatively fragile – tearing fast. The needle holes allowed cold water to leak inside the suit throughout a dive which diminished the effectiveness of the suit.

Today diving suits are made of top-quality and sturdy materials particularly developed for the underwater people. Seams eliminate and prevent needle leakage entirely for a whole day dive. Two-sided lining made of varieties of materials provide the best possible warmth and comfort. These are easy to take off and put on. To make compatible with the necessary scuba gear, cushions are attached in certain parts of the wetsuit.

Choose the best wetsuit type

Depending on the climate of your favorite scuba destinations, your diving instructor will help you to pick the best wetsuit compatible with your diving style and the temperature of the water as well.

  • Diveskins: these are spandex or lycra suits that have very little or sometimes no insulation value. But they include UV-ray protectors when snorkeling. It also can protect you against mild marine stings. Some regular divers put on dive skin under the wetsuit to make it easier to wear.
  • Wetsuits: they are normally made of closed-cell neoprene. Here nitrogen is used to fill up the spaces within the foam. As the name suggests, wetsuits are not 100% water-tight and some water seeps inside the suit. It makes your body warm quickly. If you choose a wetsuit that has sufficient thickness, it will definitely keep you comfortable and warm throughout s cold water dive.

Are you able to find a wetsuit contouring particularly female, male or junior divers? Yes, you can have a scuba diving outfit that most of the wetsuit manufacturers anatomically design to better fit the contours of a specific built. A perfectly fitted wetsuit prevents cold spots occurrence in your suit. It also provides better comfort for a longer dive.

Different types of wetsuits are available. You can choose a full-body suit or a shorty – covers only the torso of a diver.

What are the wetsuit accessories?

It depends up to you, whether to choose a separate accessory along with the wetsuit or not. Neoprene gloves will protect your hand. A boot will make more comfortable while wearing adjustable fins. When you are diving underwater 75% of body heat loses through your head. If you invest in a neoprene hood, it will keep your warmer. You can wear it during the warm water dive too.

  • Closed-cell neoprene dry suits: these neoprene suits are 100% water-tight. Hydrostatic pressure tends to squeeze the air volume in a drysuit when you dive deeper. This suit is equipped with multiple inlet valves which allow a diver to add more air while descending. When you are coming back to the surface the exhaust valves will vent the additional air off.
  • Shell-type drysuits: this type of scuba diving suit is made of lean trilaminates – a latex-coated canvas, crushed neoprene or sometimes a combinational material is used. It will add lower insulation value. So, you need to put on a shell-type drysuit along with a proper insulation undergarment to get the accurate security against the cold water. One advantage of these types’ dry suits is, you have the option to choose different types of undergarments along with different thickness. A little bit of customization will provide you better insulation to be tuned with the cold.
Tricks to buy the best scuba diving outfit for women


If you want more information you can contact the author. She is a passionate and professional scuba diver and has a lot of experience in all types of scuba gear.

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