Trouble Rules – How to Play Trouble Game

 Kevin Brown
  Mar 12, 2019

This game is all about competition with your opponent in the game of Trouble in order to see who will their players back home first. All you need to is jump around the board and make sure you do not land on before the opponent. Follow the trouble rules while playing the trouble board game.

Main Motive During the Game.

In order to win Trouble Game, try to move your entire piece around the game board and make the opponent’s piece back home.

Trouble Rules

Trouble Rules - How to play Trouble Game?

Firstly, select the color from the four colors available on the board of Trouble Game.

• Then place all your colored pieces on the selected “Home” spot.

• In order to begin this game player need to roll the die so that it can be fairly decided who will have the first chance in Trouble game.

• The player with the highest score on the roll shall have the first turn in the Trouble Game. The play should continue or proceed in the clockwise direction or left side.

• A piece can move from the Home to the Start spot at the Trouble Game board when the player gets 6 on the roll. If the player cannot get 6 on the roll then that player should not move the piece from Home to Start spot.

• If there is already one piece out from the Home and might have proceeded or at the start spot and then the player receives 6 on the roll. A player will have two options either make one more piece out from Home to Start spot or continue with the piece which is already out.

• If a player fails to roll 6 and there are no pieces on the Trouble game board then your turn is over and it is passed to other players.

• As soon as a piece is out from the Home spot then it will be forwarded as the number comes on the roll.

• If there is number 6 on the roll then you will get one more chance to roll the die. For instance, if you receive number 6 on the roll and then you roll again, you receive number 2 on the roll then in total you need to move the piece by 8 steps.

• If you receive 6 again in the second chance then lucky you, there will be 12 steps to be moved for any piece that is out of the Home spot or you can make any 2 piece that is at the Home spot to the start spot. After receiving 6 numbers on the roll for the second time then you need to roll again the die. This will continue until a player does not receive 6 numbers.

• This game cannot charge a penalty for multiple 6 numbers on a roll. A number 6 on the die will only allow you to move out of the Home spot but you cannot move further until you roll again.

• One should be aware that the board will move a clockwise or left side and as per the direction need to forward the pieces.

• Count each step and then step forward the piece.

• If you land at such a block where already the competitor’s piece is there then the competitor’s piece will be placed back to the competitor’s Home spot.

• If there are 4 players playing this game then you can still continue the game after any player wins the game.


A troubling game can be played with a minimum of 2 players to a maximum of 4 players.

• This game can be played above the age of 5.


Plastic Game unit with the popo-matic die roller

• 16 plastic playing piece

• 4 rubber game board feet

• Trouble rules and instructions.

Trouble Rules – How to Play Trouble Game

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