Try These 4 Unusual But Effective Tricks To Boost Your Oral Health

 Brittany Miller
  Aug 01, 2017

Good oral health comes with taking care of the mouth and the body from both inside and outside. Once you realize this logic, you’ll be shocked to notice the changes in your mouth.

Your teeth will get whiter, and the puffiness of your gums will disappear in no time. Your dentist will even get amazed on the improvement of your oral health.

Several things are very vital to improving your oral health:

  • Changing Diet

  • Addition of Supplements

  • Changing Oral Health Products

  • Balancing Your Hormones

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s tackle each and start your journey towards healthy gums and teeth!

1. Changing Diet

Apparently, good oral health starts with the foods you eat. What you eat will have a tremendous impact on your oral health as much as brushing and flossing do.

The science behind this rule is that our teeth are in the constant state of mineralization because the saliva in your mouth supplies necessary minerals to your teeth. The cells in your teeth utilize these minerals to fortify themselves.

According to Dr. Weston Price, a dentist who studies oral health in different cultures across the globe, some tribes never flossed or brushed but had no tooth decay and cavities and everyone had a full jaw line and pearly white straight teeth.

His research revealed the factors to this amazing oral health in certain populations, the following are;

  • Sufficient minerals in a diet

  • Low phytic acid level in a diet

  • High content of fat soluble vitamins in a diet

There are the things that you need to do to optimize these factors so that you can improve your oral health and heal cavities:

1. Reduce food intake that is high in phytic acids like beans and grains.

2. Limit your consumption of food rich in sugar and starch. Prefer foods that are rich in minerals instead.

3. Consume a lot of healthy fats. Add a spoon of coconut oil to your daily diet and use pastured and cultured dairy products only.

4. Consume more homemade bone broth which is rich in minerals.

For a quick recapitulation: No beans and grains, starches and limited fruits. More vegetables, proteins, healthy fats, and yes, bone broth, can all improve your oral health.

2. Adding Supplements That Improves Oral Health and Heal Cavities

It’s vital to improve mineral levels by adding supplements to your diet because diet alone may not be enough to help heal cavities.

These are the highly recommended food supplements that you can take to boost your dental healing and oral health.

  • Coconut Oil

  • Vitamin D

  • Butter Blend and Fermented Cod Liver -

  • Vitamin C, Magnesium and Gelatin

3. Changing Oral Health Products

There are many kinds of toothpaste and oral products that contain artificial products and chemicals that can do more harm than good to your oral health. If you’re the type who don’t read labels, then now you have to! The product contains a list of warnings and cautions. Some of these precautions may be something that you might want to avoid for curious toddlers.

Fortunately, switching to natural toothpaste and other organic products are easier than changing exercise, diets or getting sufficient sleep. These products are readily available in many organic and health shops.

4. Balancing Your Hormones

Yes, your hormones are one of the key factors to your oral health too, because they can control the alkaline or acid balance in your mouth and the ability of your body to heal and fight diseases.

Many people suffer hormonal imbalance due to many factors. But optimizing proper diet, enough sleep, stress management and fitness can help alleviate this imbalance resulting to healthy changes in your overall oral health.

Bonus Section: Pay a Regular Visit To Your Dentist

Sure, there are tricks to improve your oral health that is doable at home. But even so, it’s important that you pay a regular trip to your dentist as this the best trick of all.

Nowadays, dental clinics are more than just your go-to place to have your dental and oral health checked, they are now becoming a hybrid of good customer service and dental and oral health care provider.

If you're on the hunt for a good clinic, choose one that offers good services apart from the licensed and competent dental and oral health professionals.


Our oral health is also an indicator of how well you take care of your body that’s why it’s paramount that we pay attention to it. And just like the rest of your body, your oral health system is a changing and living environment. Brushing and flossing won’t fix your oral problems alone not unless you also address the internal issues.

Try These 4 Unusual But Effective Tricks To Boost Your Oral Health

Brittany Miller

Brittany Miller is a health enthusiast and a traveler. She is also planning to work on a dental billing in Houston. During her free time, Brittany enjoys playing badminton and volleyball.

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