Try Your Hands on Mass Planner - The Ultimate Social Media Automation Tool Recommended by Experts

 Susanne F. Baptiste
  Aug 17, 2016

Social media is a dynamic environment that keeps on changing with the time. But, does this mean that you cannot plan out your strategies, updates or activities ahead of time? No, definitely not.

Well, let me tell you that if planned properly and executed at the right time, the social media activities can take your business to the ultimate heights.

I am a social media expert and I have been trying my hands on various strategies to maximize business profits through social media. I know what it takes to drive outstanding results for a business website through social media optimization.

You shall already have a longer list of activities to do and somehow, this list goes on expanding day by day as you continue to research and find the new ways that can keep up your business with the latest social media trends.

Your stress levels are just rising up and you are simply racing to manage your tasks efficiently with the time.

Hmmm...! You need something to be pushed back. You wish you had a magic wand with which you can just get all your things done with just a swipe in the air.

Social media automation tool is just that magic wand, which you had always wanted to have. Yes, you can now pull out a few extra hours from your hectic day to get on with some relaxing activities for yourself.

My Experience with Mass Planner

I have tried my hands on one such social media automation tool called Mass Planner recently. This is a complete social media scheduling and automation app that saved me lot of time each day which I usually spent on things like regular content posting on various social media channels, finding and creating groups, sharing content with the groups and communities, following various social media groups, adding signatures to the posts and lot more.

Earlier, I did a lot of stuff on regular basis to promote my business through popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and others. All this consumed a lot of time and efforts.

Although I was doing everything possible to scale my business to heights, I never got the desired results for my efforts. This was because I never found enough time to research thoroughly and plan out a well-defined strategy for social media optimization for my website.

But, one day as I was browsing through internet I read about Mass Planner. I was really impressed with the features of this app, but uncertain whether I should buy it or not. There are many social media automation tools online that promise more but do nothing.

As I was aware of such tools, I made up my mind to dig deep and learn more about this tool. I read all the reviews about Mass Planner on the internet and later on, discussed about it with one of my friends who was using this tool for his social media activities. He suggested me to buy this tool for my social media action plan ahead.

I started initially with 5 days free trial and liked it so much that I decided to buy it with a 6 months license. Since then, I am scheduling and automating all my social media activities through Mass Planner.

Believe me! It's awesome. Mass Planner has helped me create a BIGGER impact for my business on the popular social channels and that too within least possible time.

I am actually able to keep up with the pace of the social media trends around by ensuring that the RIGHT CONTENT is getting published on RIGHT PLATFORMS on the RIGHT TIME.

Mass Planner helped me plan my social media activities efficiently while keeping up with the consistency so that my followers and fans get a dose of good content at regular intervals.

It is just amazing that I can now manage my business presence on the top social media platforms automatically. Now, I get a lot of time for research and implementation of other essential activities for business promotion.

Here's My Review for Mass Planner…

As the days passed on, I found many interesting things about this trendy social media automation tool, which I would like to share with you guys now.

Schedule and Completely Automate Updates on Popular Social Media Platforms

Mass Planner simplified my task of posting content on various social media platforms at regular intervals. Now, I do not have to remember the particular time and dates when I need to post content on social channels.

I just schedule the content updates, set the time and date for content to be posted on different sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Instagram for upcoming week or month and that's it. It will be done automatically.

Hey! One really good thing about this tool was its easy usage. It was so easy scheduling the content updates on all these social media platforms right from a single place. I was able to schedule posts on my social profiles, groups as well as pages at fixed time as required.

Find, Join and Share with Groups Automatically

One of the best ways to promote your business through social media is to join up the groups or communities across different social media platforms. It is a very time consuming process, but Mass Planner helped me do this activity very easily.

It not only found out the social groups on major platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., but also allowed me to schedule automatic content sharing on these groups. Hence, with lesser efforts and time investment, I was actually able to attract drive more customers to my business. As time passed on, I noticed that my posts were able to drive more reach and social engagement.

Follow People in Your Niche Automatically

Mass Planner automatically finds and follows various social media accounts based on keywords for your business website.

Automate Your Facebook Campaigns

It is so easy growing your fan base on Facebook and carry out Facebook marketing for your business website with Mass planner. This social media automation tool allowed me to do everything right from finding and scheduling posts on Facebook pages and groups to the point of getting statistics and insights for my Facebook marketing strategy.

It was really amazing for me that I can now execute all those time consuming Facebook promotion activities like joining groups, adding videos to posts, publishing clickable images, auto sharing posts on groups, posting content on exact times, repeating the posts on certain days or hours and lot more, without any efforts required.

Tweet and Engage with New Prospects on Twitter

Finding new people and groups and connecting with them on Twitter is easy with Mass Planner. What I do with Mass Planner is to just plan my twitter strategy ahead and schedule the tweets for future.

Mass Planner does all the other activities for me like adding signature, hash tags and images to my tweets, following people of my interests, retweet and following back my followers.

It also creates new messages on my behalf through spin syntax and also posts them on your Twitter account regularly.

Get Maximum Benefits through LinkedIn Campaigns

Mass Planner can get you maximum benefits for your marketing efforts on LinkedIn. It's not just routine scheduling of your content on LinkedIn profiles and groups, you can actually schedule your posts on exact times of the day, repeat them on a certain time, fix the number of posts to be done in a day and can also allow Mass Planner to automatically do all this for you.

Automate Pinterest Marketing Campaigns

Mass Planner helped me grow my Pinterest account really fast. I can now schedule pin posts, re-pin, like pins, comment, add signature, follow, watermark pins, check out history of what I pinned and get statistics to improve my Pinterest marketing strategy and that too automatically.

Not only this, I can even manage my Google+ posts and automate my Instagram account activities too with Mass Planner.

Hey, do you know that you can even customize Mass Planner? Yes, you heard it, right.

Not only the routine activities, Mass Planner can also execute customize tasks to satisfy your needs with the help of extra modules.

For instance, Mass Planner allows adding some limited number of social accounts to every social media platform, but I wanted to add some more social accounts for all the platforms to meet my business needs. Hence, I planned to buy Extended Multi Account Module Unlimited module. It was a one time payment for me, but now I can use it to create unlimited number of social accounts without any restriction as long as I am subscribed to Mass Planner.

What I Conclude...

I had a great experience utilizing Mass Planner for my social media activities. No training or learning was required. It was so easy to use that actually within 5 minutes I was ready to start with my activities.

I make sure to run this social media automation tool continuously on my machine so that my scheduled activities are not disturbed.

Thanks to Mass Planner!

I can now actually save my valuable time and leverage it into planning better social media campaigns for my business. I have drawn remarkable results for my social media campaigns ever since I started using Mass Planner for social promotions. Traffic, followers, clicks, likes and customers, everything has increased significantly.

Hence, I recommend Mass Planner to everyone out there who runs social media campaigns. Try this automation tool to drive incredible results within least possible time.

Try Your Hands on Mass Planner - The Ultimate Social Media Automation Tool Recommended by Experts

Susanne F. Baptiste

Susanne F. Baptiste is Social media consultant in reputed company, worked with big brands, achieved top campaigns, having 6 years of experience in digital marketing field.

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