Ultherapy vs. Thermage in Skin Tightening: Which One Is Better?

 Emma Kalman
  Aug 31, 2018

Ultherapy and Thermage are tools used for skin tightening and body contouring treatments. The efficiency of each method depends mostly on the person doing the skin tightening operation. They are both non-surgical and non-invasive treatments. Considering that these two tools are not necessarily used by trained dermatologist only, results can vary and even sometimes go wrong. As a result, we always recommend you get your aesthetic treatments from a qualified physician or dermatologist.

Thermage is a handheld device that is mostly used for skin that has not lost laxity. If the skin still has much of its elasticity, then it is a good indication that Thermage will give satisfactory results. It heats the top layer of the skin and the dermis. As such it is not deep penetrating and is effective for wrinkles, lines, and other skin conditions associated with the texture. Apply some gel before the treatment to ensure that the machine slides well.

Ulthera, on the other hand, heats the deepest parts of the skin and even the fat layers beneath the dermis. Due to this, it can be used on sagging skin or the one that has almost lost its elasticity entirely may be due to sun damage or aging. The process is a bit painful, and you might require local anesthesia or pain reduction medication to ensure that you get comfortable treatment. Ultrasound gel is required for proper transmission of images.

These skin tightening devices are both risk-free, and they are a walk in walk out types of treatments. They are safe and friendly considering all the variables involved.

Features of Ulthera machine that makes it effective for therapy

  • It can be used to do both skins tightening and lifting at the different settings.

  • The transducer machine is portable.

  • Requires use of ultrasound gel.

  • Requires an ultrasound screen to display results.

  • The screen shows real-time results, and thus you can know where to put more emphasis.

  • The treatment takes approximately one hour, and it is a walk in walk out kind of treatment.

  • It is a one-time treatment.

  • It treats both superficial and the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Treatment results take approximately one or two months to show up fully, but right after the treatment, the patient can clearly see some [10-20] % improvement in their skin.

  • It has minimal side effects like bruising.

  • It is FDA approved for skin tightening.

Features of a Thermage machine that makes it efficient in skin rejuvenation

  • It doesn’t introduce excessive heat on the surface of the skin. Too much heat during skin tightening can interfere with the fat tissues and make a person look aged some years after receiving the treatment.

  • The machine is highly portable and easy to use. It only has the power control button and the adjusting buttons. It only requires skin contact to deliver the energy.

  • It is most convenient for the areas around the face since the skin here is soft and sensitive. Its radio frequency energy is not very deep penetrating.

  • The machine is user-friendly with no downtime associated with its use nor needs to use any anesthesia.

  • It improves sagging, helps in body contouring and also the texture of the skin.

  • Its effect on the body tightening operation can be observed from one or two months depending on the severity of the condition. It takes long because the process involves re-activating collagen production.

  • Bruising or scarring is hardly observed in the treatment process.

  • The Thermage machine takes an average of 50 minutes to deliver effective treatment.

  • It can be used for all skin type.

  • It has an integrated cooling system to reduce the discomfort level.

Between Ultherapy and Thermage, which one is better?

Based on popularity index Ultherapy is more popular than Thermage and is said to produce more visible results. Majority of the patients confirms to have noticed the improvement almost instantly after the treatment. The therapy process reaches even the deep part of the skin below the dermis. It also requires a shorter treatment time with some sessions getting completed in 30 minutes. However, this does not approve Ultherapy as a treatment for everyone.

Ultherapy vs. Thermage in Skin Tightening: Which One Is Better?

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