Valentine Week: 7 days to celebrate your love

 Roshani Patel
  Jan 10, 2018

Whenever we hear “Valentine’s Day” or “Valentine week” your favourite song comes to your mind or the face of that special someone or his/her favourite color, their smile, everything. Valentine week is funny that way, with the kind of memories it brings. Even your relationship is old or a new one, everybody wants to cherish the love they have for each other.

People celebrate the Valentine week by exchanging different gifts according to each particular day. There are seven days in the Valentine week according to which they exchange different gifts and show different gestures on each day. This week start from 7th February and ends on 14th February the Valentine’s Day. We know Valentine’s Day falls on 14th but what about the other days? Keep reading ahead and find out exactly what each day stands for.

Rose day (7th February)

The first day of Valentine week is the rose day. Rose day falls on the 7th of February. As roses are the symbol of love, it is only fitting that roses are the part of the Valentine week. This day of the week is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. People exchange roses with varied colors defining their relationship (like yellow for friends, red for love and such). The hope of that special someone accepting your rose definitely makes you stand on your toes.

Propose day (8th February)

Any love is incomplete if you don’t confess it. Propose day gives you that chance to confess your love to that special someone. Propose day falls on the 8th February as the second day of Valentine week. Although everybody has different approaches to propose day their aim is the same at last. People celebrate this day by confessing their love by giving their special one love cards and flowers hoping a “yes” in return.

Chocolate day (9th February)

Chocolate day falls on the 9th February as the third day of the Valentine week. All relationship comes to a point where the sweetness of the love overlooks the flaws of each other. Chocolate day makes it sweeter when lovers exchanges chocolates on this day. As chocolate is the most popular flavour in the world no one says no to chocolates.

Teddy day (10th February)

Teddy bears are undeniably cute. And to celebrate the cuteness of lover’s relationship teddy day is celebrated. Teddy day falls on the 10th February as the fourth day of the Valentine week. Teddy bears are exchanged on this day symbolizing how cute that special someone is and how adorable their love is. And bigger the teddy is more adorable their love is.

Promise day (11th February)

Commitment plays an important role in any relationship. It establishes a trust in the mind of the one you love. Promise day falls on the 11th February as the fifth day of the Valentine week. A promise you make to your loved one can influence your relationship in a very positive way. Send out gifts on this day that symbolizes your relationship. But remember a promise made should also be kept that is the most important part of making a promise.

Hug day (12th February)

Hug day falls on the 12th February in the Valentine week. A hug is a reassuring gesture and notable way to express affection and care for your loved one. You can also give chocolates and flowers if you like on hug day. Give your loved one a warm and comfortable hug this hug day and forget all your problems.

Kiss day (13th February)

Words can express what you feel to your loved one but a kiss goes a long way. Kiss day is celebrated on 13th February which is a symbol of pure innocent love that reassures your love to your loved one. And the Valentine week is incomplete without a kiss just before the big day the Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day (14th February)

After the long wait, comes the big day the Valentine’s Day, the day that every lover awaits with enthusiasm. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th of February every year. Although it’s not a public holiday you can see a lot of rush on this day in your city. Most people celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending gifts and flowers and chocolate to their loved one. But remember it doesn’t matter how many gifts you send your love should be true and pure.

Most people celebrate a mellow Valentine week and it is not a bad thing but some couple want to make it big by exchanging gifts. If you are planning to gift your loved one a special something this Valentine’s Day, you can Buy Occasion Gifts online. Online gift shops will deliver your gift whether it is a special gift, chocolates, teddy bears, special Valentine Flowers at your doorsteps even at midnight, just to surprise your special someone.

Valentine Week: 7 days to celebrate your love

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