Valuable Advice about Precaution and Expectations from Magic Truffles

 Chris Smith
  Apr 24, 2017

Magic Truffles

Magic Truffles look a lot like the normal truffles, and are by products of Magic Mushrooms. They taste like walnuts and lately, they have risen in sales and have become more popular than shrooms. While Magic Mushrooms are banned in many places, Magic Truffles do not fall in that category.

First let’s understand what a Magic Truffle is?

It is similar to shrooms and contains psychoactive compounds like Psilicon and Psilocybin. Its official name is ‘Sclerotium’, and is popular as ‘Philosophers Stones’.

Near the mushrooms, there is a huge network of mycelium, a mold having a white stringy structure. Mushrooms are the fruit of mycelium and under the right conditions they grow well. Some strains of mycelium harden into a mass, where water and food gets stored to be used in severe growing conditions for the shrooms.

There are approximately 200 kinds of identified mushrooms containing psychoactive compounds. Amongst these, a few that can produce truffle are Psilocybe Mexicana, Psilocybe Tampanesis, and Psilocybe Atlantis.

When these Truffles are harvested, they contain 50% to 70% water, but on drying, the weight will reduce to 30 to 40%.

The taste of Magic Truffle is a little nutty and the psychoactive compounds give users psychedelic experience like creative thinking with visual effects.

Things to consider before a Magic Truffle treat

  • The official minimum age to consume Magic Truffle is 18 years
  • It needs to be eaten only when your mental health is good
  • Avoid eating when you are in stress or depression
  • Take guidance on how to use it from an experienced person

Preparation, dosage and what to expect?

  • Make sure you have plenty of drinking water and sugary drinks. It helps you to stay calm, if necessary
  • The maximum dosage is 5 grams recommended for seasoned users
  • The minimum dosage for beginners is 5gm without visual effects.
  • For best and quick effect, eat on empty stomach that is 2 ½ hours after a meal
  • The effects start within 30 to 60 minutes. It depends on your metabolism rate

Precautions to take

  • Take truffles with people you are comfortable with and not strangers
  • Never fall for peer pressure
  • Call a ‘Sitter’, who will be sober and take care of you, if needed
  • Plan your truffle experience properly with 24 hour break or free from any kind of appointments
  • Stash away your smartphone because you may not respond rationally to good or bad news.
  • Disturbance of any kind can eliminate the beauty of this trip
  • Magic truffle needs to be experienced indoors in a silent environment
  • Avoid other drugs, especially alcohol when you take Magic truffle

During Magic truffle trip

Why drink lots of water?

Your body identifies active elements as toxins and to remove these, it needs water. If you think that not drinking water will intensify the effect, then you are wrong. Your body will absorb water from different places because removing toxin is its first priority. Your body will get dehydrated, which can be dangerous.

Why you need to avoid other intoxicating drugs and alcohol?

During or after Magic Truffle journey, it is vital to avoid intoxicating drinks or drugs because your mind leaps from one thought to another much faster. Alcoholic beverages slow down your reactions and your mind will be circling in loops, which can ruin your trip. Moreover, alcohol can easily dehydrate you.

What are the effects?

Magic truffle effects are mind blowing and come in waves. They work on high frequency and take you on a surprising journey. The visions are enigmatic and at times can be frightening. When you will feel that the effects of truffles are fading and you get an urge to eat more, then avoid doing it so, as in a few minutes the effects increase automatically without consuming it.

Dealing with a bad trip

In case of a bad trip, the user will react anxiously or extremely paranoid. Some even get violent or hysterical. The sober person or the sitter can handle this person in the following way.

  • Never allow the affected person to get out of sight.
  • This person should not get the feeling of being left alone.
  • Make the person sit or lie down in a quiet place and have him/her focus on taking deep breaths.
  • Sweet beverages has to be given to the person.
  • After some time, the bad trip effect will start getting milder.
  • The duration of bad trip is similar to that of a good one.
  • The person may feel that the effect of this bad voyage will never disappear, but the sitter will need to be convincing and remind the user that all will be over soon.
  • If the sitter has done everything and nothing has helped, then it is time to call emergency services.

If you follow the above suggestions carefully, then the likelihood of bad experience will greatly reduce.

Valuable Advice about Precaution and Expectations from Magic Truffles

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