Want to Express Your Style at Home but Money is an Issue?

 Dean Moulden
  Jan 22, 2018

Here is a Guideline How

Do you look around your living room and see a mix match of pieces of furniture you have tried to make into your style? You desire to have your home reflect who you are and show off your lifestyle. You want your home to be THE place for friends and family to hang out, so when they leave, the can't stop talking about your lounge suite or the quirky dining room set you have. You want to set trends and have an extension of yourself showcased throughout your house. Remember, think carefully about your choice of style. Changing your mind halfway through can be costly. Your choices are going to be around for a while.

But how do you do this without breaking the bank or having to sacrifice your other pleasures?

1. Find Online Brisbane Furniture Stores

Search Online Brisbane Furnitures Stores near you such as Echo Grove and start comparing. Even search affordable Brisbane Furniture Stores and see what comes up. Always shop around and see who is offering the better deal or who has a current special on.

2. The Whole Package at One Brisbane Furniture Store

Look for Furniture stores that offer a complete package. You don't want to jump around from one store to the other and if you buy more than one item at a brisbane furniture store, you can negotiate a discount off the items.

3. Look for Your Style

With Brisbane Furniture Stores that offer the whole package, you can start to build you style with them. You want variety from lounge suites, dining room sets and bedside tables. Look for furniture stores that cater to the unique, that offer quality over quantity.

Now let's Examine Your Style

What is your style

  • Eclectic style: You enjoy creative works of art, splashes of bright colours against dark backgrounds to create a contrast. You embrace being different and want your space to reflect that. Then look for niche furniture stores in Brisbane. The niche stores stay away from stock standard furniture and sometimes hidden gems can be found there.
  • Modern Style: You enjoy the smooth lines of black leather and the look of glass windows against a white backdrop. You want your home to show you as a trendy, ambitious go getter who likes the simple, clean lifestyle. Shop then at Brisbane Furniture stores that are more well known. The modern look is still trending so large brisbane furniture stores will have modern furniture at affordable prices.
  • Farm and Timber Style: You like living off the land, being part of nature and regularly go hiking or holidaying in the mountains. You want a beautiful oak entertainment unit paired with a walnut lounge suite and muted colours. This style is a little on the pricey side. Look at Brisbane Furniture stores that are wholesalers. By going directly to brisbane furniture wholesalers, you can find items without the markup.

Now let's look at Lighting for your Chosen Style

  • Eclectic Lighting is trending at the moment so you can pick up some hanging lights from Brisbane Furniture stores on special. Or if you are looking for a more niche look, then pop in at your local metal worker or local market. There are some very talented artisans out there who can create exactly what you are looking for. Be wary of requested pieces for lighting, this can be expensive.
  • Modern Style Lighting can be found at Brisbane Furniture stores either on discount or at end of range sales. Watch their websites for after Christmas Sales as they will often discount leftover Christmas Stock in the new year.
  • Farm or Timber Style Lighting would be better found at Brisbane Wholesaler Furniture Stores. Even your local markets or second hand charity shops will have rustic wood lighting that suits your desired style.

Now, you have chosen your furniture and lighting but DO NOT FORGET about accents for your home.

  • Cushions seem almost a waste to some but strategically placed cushions with carefully chosen colours can make a world of difference to your lounge or bedroom. Look for specials at commonly known brisbane furniture stores such as buy two and only pay for one. Most brisbane furniture stores will even allow you to return the cushions if they don't match your furniture and lighting.

  • If your place is on the small side, mirrors are a great way to make your place look bigger. Almost all furniture stores carry mirrors from plain ones to those with a border that suits the style you have chosen. Don't be shy to look around online and get the cheapest price and even try price match with a brisbane furniture store that is near you.

  • Rugs have a way of bringing a room together and making your place feel like home.are also a good way to bring the whole style together in your lounge or bedroom. Look at furniture stores in brisbane that specialise in rugs so that you have the most amount of choice and often they will have end of range sales to move old stock.

Now, let's think Outdoors. Do you have a small balcony or large patio that you hide away from because it looks drab and unkempt?

First thing you want to think about is what do you want to with that outside space. Do you want an entertainment area or do you want a cozy space to unwind after a long day?

  • For entertaining purposes, you want to look at good quality furniture. Remember, Outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements. Wood furniture would need regular upkeep to look great otherwise it will start to fade and crack over time. Look at specialist outdoor furniture stores in Brisbane that cater to outside furniture only and read through their website to see how you can maintain your outdoor furniture. If you have a full work life and not much time to invest in maintenance, then look at the cheaper plastic furniture. It may not look as great but it will last and endure the elements outside.
  • Want to just sit outside on those lovely summer evenings with a good book, then shop around for hanging chairs or day beds at furniture stores near you. Hanging chairs are usually made from steel or metal and can endure the elements well. Daybeds are the perfect way to unwind from all the hustle bustle of the city. Most Brisbane furniture stores stock these items are they are trending and you can pick up a good deal.

Shop around and find the best price. Don't be scared to negotiate a price, especially if you are buying multiple pieces of furniture and watch for good deals at your local brisbane furniture stores. Good luck!

Want to Express Your Style at Home but Money is an Issue?

Dean Moulden

Dean Moulden is a graduate in Fine Arts and a Project manager at A Business Idea Australia. Author is a professional Home Improvement Blogger since 2009.

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