Water Purification Options for Apartment, House Renters and Travellers

  Sep 08, 2017

Water filter options for apartment and house renters are the least expensive and they should be easy to install.

Multi-Pure Filters are NSF-Certified to Reduce More Contaminants than Most Filtration Brands.

Countertop, pitcher, and faucet mount filtrations are the best water filter options for apartment and house renters. They are temporary installations. They are also cheaper and easier to install than under-sink and whole house filtration systems which are permanent installations.

Apartment and house renters often have rental restrictions on plumbing works. Rental agreements can prevent tenants from cutting into any permanent plumbing and other fixtures in the apartment or a house. So, where a permanent filtration system is not allowed, a countertop, faucet mount, or a pitcher filtration system will be the best option.

Benefits of water filters for apartment or house renters include:

  • Easy installation
  • Less expensive than most under-sink or whole house filtration systems
  • Most of all, it saves money—better option than bottled water

How can an apartment or a house renter determine the best water filter option?

  • Look for certification logo by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), Water Quality Association (WQA), or Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • Check to see that the filter is certified to perform well because some may say “certified component” which is not the same as “certified filter.”
  • Use our tool to do a water filter comparison.
  • Don’t be scammed by deceptive water filter salespeople.

Comparing with many other brands I have used, Multi-Pure has given me the best performance so far. Many purifiers come with very sturdy and effective solid carbon block filter cartridges.The cartridges are compact with wide surface allows the solid carbon block to get rid a wider range of contaminants than most brands. Multi-Pure has different model choices that are good for apartments, homes, restaurants, offices, and even for emergency purposes.

No Installation Required – Get Filtered Healthy Water In Minutes

Poor installation can make your water filter be ineffective. If you are are not a do-it-yourself person and you don’t want any elaborate installation job, you can buy a simple water filter system that requires no installation. Pitchers/carafes, gravity, and cooler filtration systems are easy to install, operate, and to maintain. Kent, Hul, Aquaguard, and AO Smith are among the topmost pour-through carafes filtering units, and Berkey is well known for gravity water purifiers. For a simple and less elaborate installation, the best options are countertop or faucet mount water filtration systems.

The benefits of these types of devices are:

1. they are least expensive;

2. they are portable and can be carried anywhere;

3. excellent options for apartment dwellers or house renters;

4. and best of all, no need have to buy bottled water.

However, some of the drawbacks may include:

i. frequent replacement of filter cartridges

ii. replacement filters could run up the overall cost of maintaining these units;

iii. not ideal for large families that need to filter a lot of water;

Various brands of water filters that require no installation are available on the market. But not every one of them can get rid of all contaminants at once. But if you are worried about getting sick from tap water contaminants, these devices are good enough to drink healthy water. They are good enough to get rid of most harmless inorganic chemicals like chlorine or sulfur. Some may are capable of purifying or getting rid bacteria and other pathogens in tap water.

Your Choice as a Traveler

Portable traveling water purifiers are available if you are traveling to countries where water quality is questionable. Look for a purification system (including replacement cartridges) that can last for the duration of your travel out of the country. Don’t allow bad drinking water ruin your well-earned vacation or adventure.

So, for water filter options for apartment and house renters, I highly recommend either the Kent or the Gravity based model. You will not look back once you begin to use a water filter system.

Water Purification Options for Apartment, House Renters and Travellers


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