Western Australia (WA) School Term Holidays 2019-2020

 Kevin Brown
  Jan 31, 2019

Western Australia (WA) School Term Holidays

Holidays for kids means fun, playing all day, travel with friends or families. To them, the happiest thing is ‘no homework’, ‘not to wake up early’ and ‘enjoy fully’.

school holidays

These holidays differ from schools to schools and states to states according to their laws. Australia's seasons are at totally opposite times to those countries in the north direction.

They have summer from December to February; autumn from March to May; winter from June to August; and spring from September to November.

Below is a list of Term dates and WA School holidays in 2019:

Terms & Holidays Duration
Term 1 Starts from: - Monday, 04th February and ends on: - Friday, 12th April.
Autumn Vacation Starts from: - Saturday, 13th April and ends on: - Sunday, 28th April.
Term 2 Starts from: - Monday, 29th April and ends on: - Friday, 5th July.
Winter Vacation Starts from: - Saturday, 6th July and ends on: - Sunday, 21st July
Term 3 Starts from: - Monday, 22nd July and ends on: - Friday, 27th September.
Spring Vacation Starts from: - Saturday, 28th September and ends on: - Sunday, 13th October
Term 4 Starts from: - Monday, 14th October and ends on: - Thursday, 19th December
Summer Vacation Starts from: - Friday, 20th December and ends on: - Sunday, 02nd February (2020).

Note: The first day of term 1 is a student-free day in government schools. There is a student-free day on the 1st day of every term. Schools decide the next student-free days for the upcoming terms.

Types of School Holidays in WA

Autumn Holidays (13th April- 28th April): - When the days get shorter, the temperatures get milder, and when the colorful leaves drop from the tree, that’s when you know autumn has arrived. The school holidays in autumn from March - April, usually coincide with Easter. Take advantage of the rich colors seen in the transition from summer to winter and go for long autumn walks or hiking tours. You can also visit lovely autumn and wine festivals or flee somewhere south on the beaches or in a holiday house besides the sea.

Winter Holidays (6th July- 21st July): - The winter holidays are in June and July. Winter in Australia is the perfect season for exploring the nook and corner of the continent. The cold months are clearly a time of celebrations and parties around the world. The least temperature that you will experience in Australia during winter is 10 degrees Celsius.

There are a number of reasons to spend your winter holidays in Australia some of which are: Crocodile Cruise, Dolphin watching, watch wildflowers in Perth, Capture the breathtaking valley view, crusade in dessert, experience the ultimate adventure in Ningaloo Reef and many more. If you are on a tour in Australia and haven’t seen the Kangaroos, this is the best time to visit the adorable ones on Kangaroo Island.

Spring Holidays (28th September- 13th October): - The spring holidays lasts for 2 weeks from September to October. Since Australia is in Southern Hemisphere; spring starts in September and ends in late November, which indicates the arrival of summer. Since the country is big and spring climate varies, it is a good idea to plan your vacation in advance. The exact dates may vary slightly per state. Spring is a great holiday period for every Australian, because the warmth has arrived, but the extreme heat, yet to come.

Summer Holidays (20th December- 02nd February): - This is the longest holiday in the whole country; about 5-6 weeks depending upon the states. While Americans celebrate Christmas, with Christmas trees and visits from Santa Claus, dreams of snowy landscapes and family dinners with yummy winter dishes, in Australia, Christmas falls in summer where it is popular to go on camping or to a beach over the holiday. During the summer holidays, it's extremely hot in most regions of Australia. It is the busiest period at tourism destinations.

If you haven’t planned your trip yet, start preparing now to experience the wonders of Australia.

Western Australia (WA) School Term Holidays 2019-2020

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