What Do Butterflies Eat? You Will Be Surprised to Know

 Kevin Brown
  Jul 29, 2019

Butterflies are a part of our childhood. We used to get thrilled seeing butterflies flying around us. We used to try to catch butterflies but never succeed in the first attempt. When we caught butterflies, our level of joy went high. Have you ever tried to know what do butterflies eat?


Butterflies normally take liquids as food. Their beautiful scaled wings make them more attractive than other flies. They suck nectar from the flower and juice from the different types of fruits. There are various types of butterflies around the globe. They look so pretty.

Where Do Butterflies Live?

Where do butterflies live? Butterflies are found everywhere except Antarctica as the temperature is very low as compared to other continents. And there are no resources for food. They live in various habitats. Nobody has specific information about the butterfly’s habitat as they are found everywhere. It depends on the different species of butterflies. Butterflies are cold-blooded insects. Hot weather is comfortable for them to live and survive for a long time. Hence, they prefer to live in tropics. The butterflies live in each corner of the world. You can find butterflies in humid places especially, in a state like California. Let’s get back to our main point what do butterflies eat?

How Do Butterflies taste?

Before we talk about what do butterflies eat? We are going to discuss on how do butterflies taste? Butterflies are gifted with receptors that are able to taste the food. It is very similar to the taste buds of the human mouth. They use these receptors to test egg-laying place or other harmful sites. You can say that there are sensors in their feet.

Butterflies normally get stamina by drinking liquid (nectar) from the flowers. Butterflies prefer to land on flowers which are clustered in nectar. They also like to visit colorful flowers. Blossoming flowers are also their first choice and take nectar from them. Butterflies normally wander at night. During the night, they can smell the fragrance of the flowers. They can easily see the red color as they generally look for accommodation at night. Butterflies have nectar guides which can help them find any kind of food they are looking for. It is said that a matured butterfly does not eat food. They prefer drinking liquids rather than eating.

A newly born butterfly starts eating the leaves where it was born. The newly born butterfly should be careful while eating as some plants leave venom. Such a mistake can end butterflies live. Millions of people love colorful butterflies. They are having a question in mind that how to attract the butterflies in the house yard. Somehow it is very challenging but not tough as well. First of all, it is very important for you to know what butterflies eat. The main thing to attract butterflies in your house is to provide them with proper food. So they can attract towards you easily. Butterflies can easily attract towards some specific plants such as dragon sagebrush, cudweed, everlast, buckwheat, wild black cherry, black chokeberry, lupines, and so on. Butterflies prefer to live in such plants.

Fruit Juice:


Butterflies do not take nectar from the flowers but also take the juice from fruits and tree sap. They also get nourishment from the fruits.

Animals Excretions:

Many people might have unaware of that butterflies consume animal’s excretions. Butterflies can suck moistures from animal’s mud. They also take fetor of animal flesh. You are surprised to know that butterflies and suck moistures from your skin. They like to drink human sweat as it has salt and butterflies like eating salty.


What do butterflies eat? You get surprised to know that butterflies like to drink the urine of animals and human. There are some species in butterflies which lap up their own body liquids.


Butterflies also take blood as food. Butterflies can lap up blood of dead animals. They can also be helpful in drinking blood and heal the wounds.

Wrapping up…

Do we hope that you shall have known what do butterflies eat? We have also given tips to attract butterflies in your backyard. The butterfly is a nice creature that you should not harm them.

What Do Butterflies Eat? You Will Be Surprised to Know

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