What Do Fleas Look Like! And Its Effect on Pets and Humans

 Kevin Brown
  Apr 08, 2019

What Do Fleas Look Like!

There are various types of creatures on this planet. Each is given something amazing by nature for survival. All creatures are dependent on one another to survive life. Nobody is self-reliant on the planet. Have you ever tried or learn about fleas? And what do fleas look like?

Firstly, let me describe to you about its body parts. This insect is very little in size. They are mostly a few millimeters long. Fleas are wingless. Though they have no wings yet they can jump high with the help of their back legs. They are able to leap up to 30 cm high. As a result, they can easily jump from the bottom and attack on pets.

What Do Fleas Look Like on Dogs & Cats?

What Do Fleas Look Like

Generally, they have a brown and reddish brown color. They are mostly found in filth. They got a slim body. Fleas survive their life by sucking blood humans. Fleas seem to be tiny but can harm your dogs and cats with its itchy bite. They can bite up to every 5 minutes. Its persistent bites give too much pain to your dogs and cats. Flea’s bites leave a red spot on your body, which mostly found in lines. Many people are still wondering that do fleas fly. Yes, they can fly high with the help of its strong back legs.

Life process of fleas:

Generally, the population of fleas increases in the summer and fall season. Fleas can feel convenient in warm temperatures and high moisture. During this time period, fleas lay eggs on dogs or cat. Let’s analyze the different stages of the life cycle of fleas. It has four stages. This detail is going to help to prevent infestations in the future.

An adult flea lays eggs on pet animals like dogs and cats. The eggs merge into the home atmosphere because pets roam here and there in the home and leave eggs behind. Its eggs seem to be so tiny and white that we cannot see them in a proper way. A female flea has the capacity to lay more than 50 eggs in a day. Eggs are easily spread in the home environment as they are light in weight.

Roughly, 10 days later the eggs turn into larvae and start moving into the whole house for a permanent stay in the different part of the house. They can easily get into the cracks, baseboard, floors, and carpets. Such activities by fleas will continue till few days. The flea takes round about 1-3 weeks to be mature. It stays in the pupa until any sources of food are found in near areas. The flea needs feeding regularly. If the food supply stops, they are not able to last longer and die within 4-5 days ultimately.

Once the fleas get inside the house, can easily attack humans. If you want to identify the symptoms of fleas on humans, you will find red- spots. Its bites will create itching around red-spots and irritate a lot. They will put humans in miserable condition. If you are suffering from fleas bites, you can follow these cures to get rid of fleas the pets and humans.

For Humans:

What Do Fleas Look Like

When you are bitten, wash the bite immediately and prevent the toxic spreading into your body. In such circumstance, you can use any antiseptic cream on red-spot and apply ice cube there. Lotions can also be useful to provide comfort. You can also consult a pharmacist as well.

For Pets:

First of all, consult an expert of pets before you give any home-made treatment to that bite. Always make your pets bathe with special shampoo can help your pets keep away from the dispersion of fleas. Avoid using warm or hot water as it can increase the level of itching. In case of failing all your cures, you can use steroid cream that can reduce the effects of the fleas bite.

Now you are familiar that what do fleas look like and its effects on pets and humans body? Follow the tips, we have offered to get rid of fleas on humans and pets.

What Do Fleas Look Like! And Its Effect on Pets and Humans

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