What Do Snails Eat? Best Things About Snails Diet

 Kevin Brown
  Aug 07, 2019

There are two types of snails on the earth aquatic snails and land snails. If you are still wondering what do snails eat? We are going to let you know the foods of snails according to their species. Foods can vary depending on the species of snails.


There are other categories also in snails such as freshwater snails and sea snails. Before feeding your pet snail, it is very important to know what type of snail you have. Then give them the right food.

Where Do Snails Live?

What do snails eat? Depends on where do snails live? Generally, snails are found everywhere in the world. You can find them in the garden. They are found on the surface of the wall. They dwell in different habitats. Some snails are found in the desert whereas other snails feel comfortable. They have also dwelled in the marshy area. Some snail species live in mountain areas. Land snails live on the ground. They can’t adjust themselves in sea or freshwater. Snails can survive in both natural and urban areas.

What Do Freshwater Snails Eat?

Let’s glance at the freshwater diet. There are many species of freshwater snails who love consuming algae. Trumpet snails from Malaysia are berserk after algae. The freshwater snails are notorious for eating fish. They like to eat dead fish or decaying fish. There are some advantages of having snails in the water. They keep your tank neat and clean. An excess of anything is injurious. The same way, the increasing population of snails can harm important bacteria of water and can cause a serious threat to your water.

Aquarium plants are also one of their favorite foods. Freshwater snails prefer to eat plants. Especially, mystery snails and apple snails love consuming aquarium plants. Some vegetarian species of snails prefer eating algae. Some species of freshwater snail are carnivorous. They are meat lovers. They like to ingest live hunts. The assassin snails are fond of eating live preys. Many people use assassin snails as protection. They stop other species of snails emerging and control them flourishing. They also eat shrimp. Some species of snails such as saltwater snail-like to eat fish.

Unlike freshwater snails, the land snails prefer to consume algae, plants, and fungi. They generally dwell on the field and meadow. They like to eat lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots. In the forest area, land snails like to eat a variety of different foods. Terrestrial snails are generally fond of eating different types of vegetable. They are normally herbivorous. Some species of snails are the predator. They are carnivorous. Most of the snail’s species eat fruits, vegetables, shrimp, leaves, soft bark, algae, and fungi.

What Do Garden Snails Eat?

What do snails eat? Many of us may not be aware of the diet of garden snails. Foods vary depending on the species of snails and where they live. Garden snails usually like to eat plants. The garden’s snails prefer to eat plant materials such as lettuce, carrots, beans, and tomatoes. They are herbivorous.

They use radula. It is like a tongue. Radula contains lots of microscopic teeth that help them to eat plant material and other prey easily.

What Do Sea Snails Eat?

Sea snails are similar to land snails and freshwater snails. But there are some contrasts. Sea snails are found mostly in all the oceans. Seal snails got a soft body. A shell protects this body. They have a conical shell. It is somehow difficult to hunt sea snails due to its strong tank. They are called herbivorous as they consume most of the sea plants. Usually, they are omnivorous as they feed both plants and animals. Sea snails got ribbon instead of teeth. They don’t have teeth. Most sea snails are dependent upon sea plants. They consume sea algae as it provides nutrition. The omnivorous snails love eating tiny sea animals.

Wrapping up…

We have mentioned all species of snail and their diet. If you bring a pet snail at your home then follow this diet for your pet snails. We hope, you have got what do snail eat?

What Do Snails Eat? Best Things About Snails Diet

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