What is an Influencer Marketing and Why It Works Like a Magical Marketing Tactic?

  Sep 06, 2019

While living in 2019, we all have somehow become familiar with the impact of social media and how it is changing things in ways we never imagined? It is not only changing the way we communicate, get entertained, and share our thoughts, but it is also changing the landscape of our buying choices – where to buy, what to buy, how much to buy, and whom to trust for recommendations? Yes, social media is doing all this, and that’s where influencer marketing jumps into the scene.

Digital marketing and content marketing are the stories of the past! Influencer marketing is the new love of the marketers and maybe one of the biggest buzzwords in the publicity industry right now. But despite all the buzz surrounding it, many companies are still unfamiliar with this new marketing strategy and why they need it to write their success story?

If you are also one of those people who are struggling to understand the significance of this buzzing marketing kick, then this article is for you. Read on to know what are you missing out, and why you shouldn’t?

Who Are the Proponents - Influencers?

Okay! Now before we further dig out how influencer marketing is giving a tough time to other marketing strategies, let’s find out about the main proponents of this buzz – influencers.

Well, unlike the dominant, but wrong perception, influencers are not just social media users bagging huge followers. Not ever ‘follower king or queen’ can also become an influencer marketing star. If that would have been the case, then all those meme accounts, or trending topics accounts would have been in this game. But they are not! It means that it takes a lot more than just followers to become an ‘influencer’.

An influencer has to be influential enough to de-throne previous trends and trigger new trends among people. It also means that an influencer also needs to have fans who consider words of influencer worth considering, believing, and following. In other words, an influencer is the king of its particular niche (clothing, fitness, lifestyle, travelling, etc.), with engaging and loyal followers, who take his opinion as a fact. Yes, that’s how powerful an influencer should be!

Influencer Marketing – What is the Magic?

Simply put, influencer marketing is the art of using huge followers, loyal fans and popularity of the influencer in favor of your brand – to promote your product. Okay, now there are numerous ways to wraps marketing antics around an influencer. But one of the most common ways is to ask an influencer to endorse your product. Here, the influencer shows itself using or appreciating the product on its social media handle.

Well, that is a traditional kind of marketing tactic being in action in the digital setting, but there are also some innovative influencer marketing ways only workable in the digital realm. For instance, influencer posts online sweepstakes to give away a product, reviews on whether or not the product works, or posts guides for showing how to use the product.

Reasons Influencer Marketing Works:

Reading on about influencer marketing might make you think that it is just another digital marketing tactic wrapped in a glittering word. But once you give this buzzword a practical go, you will find that Grin influencer marketing is earning more profits than the traditional marketing methods. If you still don’t believe it, then here are given some reasons to show why influencer marketing is so effective:

Gain Users Trust

We all know that social media is changing our relationship and our feelings associated with them. The parameters to call someone as a friend, and follower, and how we feel about them are changed. Now a person sitting at the far end of the world, whom we have never met, can be our friend and we trust them – just like the influencer. And that’s what becomes the potent tool for influencer marketing!

In influencer marketing, we use the trust of followers on the influencer to generate the trust of those followers in our product as well. Instead of introducing or establishing product in the people through an ad, we seep it among masses through an influencer. So, people don’t see this product endorsement as an ad, but a recommendation from a trustworthy friend. Influencers have put a lot of time into building relationships with their followers, and this is shared with your company when you give influencer marketing a try.

Enhance User Engagement

One of the ways influencers build their huge loyal customer base is because they spend a lot of time while interacting with the people. We can use this well-built engagement capability of the influencer to enhance user engagement with our brand as well. Influencer marketing enables a lot more user engagement than other marketing and publicity tactics, significantly traditional advertising methods.

Reach Targeted Audiences

You might already know the significance of the targeted audiences marketing. Obviously, you can’t sell shoes to a person looking for a tie, or you can’t ask a person to buy a travelling bag if he wants to buy a workout machine. Yes, that is why targeted marketing is important, just like influencer marketing.

As already mentioned that influencers are people who are king among people in a particular niche. An influencer running a social media account related to travelling will mostly have followers interested in travelling. So, a business related to travelling will only use that influencer for marketing. That’s one of the reasons that influencer marketing works so well because it is targeted. Instead of just throwing an ad at a huge number of random people, influencer marketing lets you talk to the audience that is most likely to need your product.

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Regardless of the nature of your business, product, and services, influencer marketing can be an effective marketing tool for the success of your brand. You want to introduce your product, promote your product, reinforce your product, or build a loyal customer base; this buzzing marketing can help you achieve all of these purposes. Even getting a few influencers to start a trending Instagram or Twitter hashtag can build a defined online brand for your company.

Moreover, you don’t have to splurge a lot of money on this type of marketing, significantly when some of the influencers are ready to come into action at the cost of free products. And above all this, getting started with the influencer marketing is quick and easy. You don’t need many days of planning, budgeting and preparation. Once you find the right influencers for your brand, you can just launch your next social media campaign in days!

Whisper: Do you know your favourite celebrity can also be an influencer. Carefully monitor their social media handles, you will find one!

What is an Influencer Marketing and Why It Works Like a Magical Marketing Tactic?


Jamshed is an Internet Marketer.

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