What is Payroll Processing: A Complete Guide for Business Managers

 Alice Johnson
  Jul 15, 2019

Employees are an integral part of any business or organization. The key to success for any business is well-motivated employees. But how do you ensure that employees are motivated?

For starters, timely payment is a great motivation factor. When employees are well paid for their work and paid on time, they become more productive. When an employee receives the paycheck, he/she is motivated to come to work the following day.

The problem is, how do you facilitate the payment of each employee in your business? How do you manage your payroll? Payroll is the total amount of wages that a company pays to its employees and other workers.

In any business, bookkeeping and payroll processing are the biggest headaches. They are time-consuming tasks yet essential for the company. Payroll processing is the task of managing the payment of wages for employees.

Payroll processing involves a lot of tasks to ensure timely and accurate payment of employee wages. No matter how small a business is, payroll processing is still a vital function. The payroll process is complicated and requires a lot of knowledge about tax laws and regulations.


Here are a few tips on what is payroll processing and how to go about it.

1. Understand What Is Payroll Processing and How It Works

You have to understand what is payroll and how it's an integral part of your business. Having knowledge in the first place will ensure that you are well informed and avoid complacency. You need to understand the payroll process flowchart.

It is imperative that you know how payroll processing can be beneficial to your business. By comprehending the payroll process, you also learn of laws and tax regulations that your business should adhere to.

Learn what is payroll processing all about and how it promotes the growth of your business.

2. Use of Payroll Processing Software

Bookkeeping and payroll processing can be time-consuming. Furthermore, you want to ensure that your employees get their paychecks on time. For added benefits, it would be essential if you used integrated payroll processing software.

Use payroll processing software that can be integrated with other accounting and finance software. The software can be integrated into your time tracking software so that you won’t need to enter the employees’ working hours.

Even so, using integrated payroll processing software, you can export tax information when it comes to filing your returns. The payroll processing software helps to manage the wages according to the relevant data and generate payroll reports.

The payroll reports can be exported to your accounting software so long as the payroll processing software is integrated.

3. Process Payrolls Ahead of Time

Payroll processing is time-consuming and hectic. You don’t want to delay employee payments. Delaying in employee payments can lead to low productivity or unsolicited industrial actions.

Since payroll processing is a hectic process and you need your employees paid on time, what next? The early bird catches the worm. Start processing payrolls early.

Don’t wait until the payment period to start processing paychecks. By using payroll processing software integrated with your time tracking software, processing payrolls become easier. The software does the work for you.

The size of your business doesn't matter. You owe your timely employee payment.

4. Ask for Assistance

Payroll processing is not a simple task. It requires expertise and knowledge about taxes and compliance laws. Payroll processing is not any DIY task that you can wake up and learn.

It is therefore imperative that you ask for help even if it involves breaking the bank. Unless you know how to start a payroll company to do it for you, hire someone who has the expertise in the field.

5. Have a Direct Deposit

Have an account which directly deposits employee wages into their accounts. Set up a direct deposit account to facilitate secure payment. Ensure that you contact your bank to help you set up a direct deposit account.

Having a direct deposit account will help to prevent payment delays, queuing in banks, and eliminates the need to print and distribute paychecks. Let the employees choose their choice of bank and ensure that you have communicated with the banks to facilitate smooth transactions.

6. Keep Your Payroll Records

Payroll reports enable you to confirm the payrolls before making any deposits. Using the payroll processing software enables you to generate accurate reports.

Ensure that you file your payroll records for future reference. The payroll reports can also help in filing your tax returns. Using the payroll processing software, you can save your payroll records in a centralized file.

You should keep your payroll records well secured. The payroll reports contain sensitive employee information and should be kept confidential.

7. Set up Reminders

You need to keep track of your payroll processing schedule. However, using the payroll processing software automates the whole process. You only have to acquire the payroll reports.

The reminders can aid in timely payment of employees. These reminders can also help you to file your payroll tax reports on time and avoid hefty penalties for late file submissions. The reminders help to take the pressure off your memory.

8. Centralize Payroll Information

Ensure that all your payroll information is stored in one central file. When you consolidate your payroll information, it will be easier to find the data when you need it.

Consolidating your payroll documents will aid when filing tax reports as it will be easier to find them.

Wrapping Up

Understand what is payroll processing and how it helps your business. Furthermore, you can find the best-integrated payroll processing software to make your work easier. The software also makes processing employee payment more manageable and less hectic.

It goes without saying how necessary payroll processing is for your business. It ensures that employees are timely paid and motivated to work. Motivation improves employee productivity.

Payroll processing software assists in reducing errors when it comes to the calculation of payments. Accuracy, speed, and time are the main advantages of payroll processing.

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What is Payroll Processing: A Complete Guide for Business Managers

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