What Percentage Of Professionals Still Iron Their Work Clothing?

 Travis Graves
  Jun 13, 2017

People like to do things on their own. Despite the ironing, the work done by a professional in the industry. There are many things which we love to do even when it is not necessary. Some of the people perform the task because they don't want to spend few bucks on something which is not required.

The number are huge where an individual has ironing his or her cloth since childhood. People like to iron their clothes without the help of professional because of the habit of doing it since childhood.

The majority of the individuals who are using Iron Board are professionals, who are employed in a company. The majority of citizens have said in a survey conducted by a popular brand "Crompton Greaves" revealed that middle class who started ironing their clothes since schools days are still working on their clothes every day before leaving the office.

Majority & Usage

Many people are using Iron boards at their Home, Office, Shops, Dry Cleaners and more. It is important to separate them so that you can estimate the actual numbers into one sheet. In this case, we can separate the Home Users because the number of Iron Boards are purchased by the home users.

The Percentage Of The Concerned Who Own A Iron Board

  • Office - 5%

  • Dry Cleaners - 21%

  • Shop - 14%

  • Home - 52%

  • Others - 8%

As you can see that the majority of the people, who own the Iron Boards are HOME. Let us give you a brief about the reasons on why people to choose to Iron at home.

1. Cheap & Habit

In India, many middle-class families have access to the small board which has enabled the children to Iron their school uniform. Those children have grown and become professionals, but the habit has become pert of their life.

A lot of people know that the compact models come at an affordable price and they can finish the task within one minute. For one minute of the work, nobody is willing to pay a dollar on the Iron Shops.

2. Reliable

The unemployment has increased over the past few years, and the professionals who are seeking for their dream job are unemployed. Many of the candidates have applied for different companies, and they don't know when they will get a call from their dream company about the job. They have to ve ready, and you cannot rely on a service which opens on timings. When you have an iron, it will make it easier for the person to clean the clothes and attend the interview.

3. Time & Money Saving

How many of you like to save money? Iron Boards helps you to move your wrist and hands, which turns into the workout if you use it for a longer period. You will save time every time you use it and also money.


When you have an iron board at your home, you clean wear clean and wrinkle free clothes every day. If you have any questions and opinions to share, then you can comment below to talk to the experts.

What Percentage Of Professionals Still Iron Their Work Clothing?

Travis Graves

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