What Services Can Qualified Randerers Provide?

 Nivi Watson
  Mar 13, 2018

Your home is your asset and you would not want it to get damaged soon? But, what one can do to keep it safe and secure at all times? The answer is rendering. But ther another question that arises on minds when it comes to rendering is that what if the render turns out to be absolutely novice? Will this enhance the beauty of the house? Therefore, it is important that you choose only well-qualified professionals for remodeling your home.

What Is Render?

Render is the layer applied to outer walls of your home. You must be wondering after so much of cementing and painting, why rendering is important? There are two definite reasons for applying render:

  • To protect the wall from adverse weather conditions.
  • It imparts a decorative effect.

Different Types of Renderings

Many people think that outer render is similar to inner wall rendering but both differ. While thinking about rendering outer walls of the house, your renderer should let you know the options available for outer rendering. They should also help you in choosing the best option from the variety of rendering options. Given below are few common rendering techniques that a render uses. Have a look:

  • Cement Render

If you are looking for something long lasting and budget friendly, there is nothing like cement render. It is even stronger than other types of renders. Being a painted render, it provides extra support to the building once applied. It is also resistant to mositure. If your home is old, avoid using cement render because its hardness tends to bring cracks in the wall. This technique is popular because of its cost-effectiveness.

  • Lime Render

Also referred to as the natural hydraulic lime render or NHL, it is a common type of render used in almost all types of buildings for quite a long time. Amongst all the kinds of renders, line render provides walls area for expansion, thereby, helps it to breathe. Whatever be the coating on top, lime rendered walls contract and expand. It is best suited for wooden buildings or can also be used over old surfaces of any building.

  • Polymer Render

It is a new addition to the family of renders. Polymer renders prepared from white cement uses silicon which makes it water resistant. With polymer render, you can prevent the rooms from damping. But this does not mean there is dearth of required water content. Although it resists water, still allows water vapor to run within the minute pores of the walls. Therefore, the lower most layer of cement too can breathe. If you have a wooden or brick home, ask your renderer to try out polymer render.

  • Monocouche Render

‘Mono’ meaning single and ‘couche’, a French word, meaning diagonal. To put it simply, ‘monocouche’ means single layered. As a benefit, it protects the surface or walls from all types of environmental dangers. Also, it decorates the surface of the wall using various paneled work of art. A new feature of this type of render is that it is free from any inner coat. Cutting down the inner coating also reduces its price. Also, they are available in a variety of shades.

  • Insulated Render

This is meant only for the purpose of ‘Exterior wall insulation’ or EWI. A multiple storey building if not insulated properly is likely to induce heat and unwanted noise. Insulted renders stuff prefabricated materials within. This reduces outside noise as well as keeps the rooms warm.

  • Acrylic Render

This is like a tool to which helps in the process of rendering. It is like a coating layered to finish the rendering process. It consists of fragments of particles. This gives a grainy effect to the walls. The size of aggregates may differ depending on what kind of texture you use. In addition to, an acrylic render can be used to lock coarse surfaces. You can also hide defects with this.

What Services Can Qualified Randerers Provide?

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