What would be the Best Laptop Screen Size for you!

 Shane Lee
  Feb 23, 2015

There are many factors plays a significant role while selecting the perfect laptop, where laptop screen size is a crucial one. Small size brings more portable flexibility and lower price rate, bigger means more clear and attractive visual experience, huge power and require larger space to carry.When it comes to settling on the size of screen than all users have different requirements and all have biased view on it. But by considering some factors like which screen characteristics are optimal for the laptop’s intended primary use, total hours that you need to carry laptop in one day, the profession in which you are working on may help you to choose best one.

11 to 12 inches laptops:
If you are looking for the light weight system around 2.5 to 3.5 pound than this screen size could do best for you. Laptops integrated with this size of screens are considered as a most thinnest laptops and most preferably for the users who need to travel with a laptop all the time, on the contrary the people who are interested to use a laptop as an entertaining purpose for instance to play high resolution game, watching HD films may not get satisfied with this screen size.

13 to 14- inches laptops:
If you are looking forward to buy a laptop which provide best portability and usability than 13 to 14 inch laptop are best for you. Those laptops are around 3.5 to 4.5 pounds in weight, which could easy to carry along with you anywhere. Some best selling laptops like Dell XPS 13 and Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon having this ideal laptop screen size implementation.

15 inches and more:
Laptops with this screen size are the most popular laptops among people nowadays. The system gets quite heavy at 5 to 6.5 pounds, but still this configuration is best for all types of user and professionals. The weight could get reduced by skipping the DVD drive and some extra features, at Expert Computing we help you to reduce the extra weight from laptop best laptop repair Preston. This screen size is work well for the professionals who need to watch onto the laptop screen for the whole day and the normal users who like to watch movies and video on a laptop. This category is considered as the most affordable to repair and maintain.

Screen selection based on intention to use laptops:

Gaming purpose:
The gamer should always choose the laptops with wide screen like 15 to 17 because most games are come with a widescreen resolution, the gamer can get the best graphical experience of a game while playing games on high resolution bigger screen laptops.

Entertainment purpose:
Laptop users who like to watch pictures ought to decide on a wide screen on the grounds that now numerous films are released on wide screen aspect ratio. If you a person who need to travel at the same time during tripe you love to watch movies for kills the journey time than laptop with 14-15 inch screen work well. If the laptop is used in the home, choose a larger screen. Movie watchers should purchase a glossy laptop screen to get the full effect of vibrant colors and high contrast.

Visual Multimedia:
People who use laptops for film editing and picture control ought to pick a vast screen with a high determination. Since feature altering obliges laptops have a ton of memory, circulation space, and a compelling processor, coupled with a high-determination screen, these laptops may be extremely costly sometimes. Clients on a financial plan may decide to buy an external monitor.
What would be the Best Laptop Screen Size for you!

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