What You Need to Know Before Renting a Private Car

 Sajjad Akhtar
  Jun 12, 2017

Should you drive your own car or should you rent a car?

Whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway with your significant other or planning a long trip with your buddies or your family, that is one of the most important decisions that you should make early on.

When is it better to rent a car?

Consider renting a car if you do not want your own vehicle to be exposed to excessive wear and tear, which is usually associated with long road trips.

Renting a car is also ideal if your own vehicle has been having issues lately. It is better to spend a little money for the peace of mind knowing that you are driving a road-worthy vehicle.

If you are leasing your own car, the additional mileage from a road trip can put you well above your lease's limits on annual mileage. And when you exceed those limits, you can end up paying steep fees once the lease agreement expires.

Finally, consider renting a car if you are planning to buy a new one. Why? Renting a car allows you to experience what that specific car model has to offer in terms of different factors like trunk size and interior amenities.

Can you actually save more money by renting a car?

Not exactly.

There are a few variables that you should look into in order to determine whether you are actually saving money through car rental.

If you opt to drive your own vehicle, you need to be prepared not only for the wear and tear on your own car. You also have to acknowledge that long road trips can diminish your car's value.

Driving your own car also means you will need to fork out money for maintenance and oil change.

On the converse side of the coin, if you are driving your own vehicle for a business trip, you can claim deductions of as much as 54 cents per mile. Those deductions may be enough to cover, at least partially, the costs of fuel, maintenance, and wear and tear.

If you do choose to rent a car, you can save more money apart from the cost of maintenance. The trick is to find a car that is more fuel-efficient than the one you own.

Things you need to know before getting a rental car

If you decide that renting a car is the better option for your road trip, here are a few important things that you need to know.

The fewer drivers, the more money you can save

Many car rental companies charge an extra fee for every person sharing driving duties with you. If you wish to limit your expenses, you have to keep the number of people driving the rental car to the lowest number possible.

Also, the age of the drivers usually plays a key factor. Drivers aged between 21 and 24 are usually charged a higher fee.

Check your car insurance policy first

If your own car insurance policy has both collision and comprehensive coverage, you do not have to take the policy being offered by the car rental company. It is highly likely that your own policy can be transferred to the rental vehicle.

Pack essential accessories

If you need a car seat for your baby or if you need to use a navigation system, bring your own instead of paying an extra fee for these.

Return the car promptly

Remember what time you need to return the rental vehicle. If you return it too early or late, you may end up paying penalties.

Do remember to fill up the fuel tank and keep the fuel receipts.

Checking a rental car​​​​​

Before driving off with your rental vehicle, make sure that you subject it to a thorough inspection.

Walk around the car, checking for dents and/or dings, missing car plates, and tire pressure. After that, get inside and check the fuel gauge and if the oil light is turned off.

If you do notice some issues, be sure to speak up and bring these to the attention of the rental company staff.

What You Need to Know Before Renting a Private Car

Sajjad Akhtar

Sajjad Akhtar is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Quicklease Car Rentals, a one-stop shop for all vehicle rental requirements, including short-term rentals and long-term leasing. Sajjad specializes in vehicle leasing, vehicle hire & Limousine businesses in the Middle East and has a solid background in brand building, awareness, and conceptualizing, planning and execution of marketing campaigns.

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