Where to Buy Postal Stamps! [Complete Guide]

 Jai Prakash
  Jan 04, 2019

This article provides guidance on what postage stamps are why you use postage stamps and all about where to buy stamps near you. Prior to the advancement of social media and technologies, writing and sending postcard was the order of the day. But, nowadays it’s still relevant in the US for sending a letter or items. You ask yourself questions like "where can I buy stamps near me," note that there are several locations in the US where you can collect postage stamps.

Generally, the first place to acquire postage stamps is at the Local Post Offices. And you can also purchase postage stamps online as well as other places aside from the Post Office.

What are postage stamps?

Postage Stamp is a sign displayed on every piece of paper posted through the Post Office. It shows proof that you have paid the posting fees. It often shows the national designation & value with the name of the country.

It contains vital information which aided its delivery until it reaches its destination. Typically, there are many types of stamps, and they are often grouped according to shapes (triangular, rectangular, or few other shapes rarely used).

The stamps are attached to your envelope or other postal items, such as – box, packet or mailing cylinder. You may wish to know the reason why postage stamps are used?

Why is postage stamps used?

Nowadays, stamps are very important as it serves as proof that necessary fees have been paid for your post. Also, it enables your mail to get to its destination.

It’s up at your prerogative to decide on the stamp to use for your mail because choosing rare stamps will give your letter a priority. It indicates that your mail will get faster delivery than any other mail.

Essentially, you need stamps because if you don’t use it, your mail may not get delivered. So, making use of stamp is a very clean & fitting way to send your post without any hassles.

Where can I buy stamps near me?

The post office is the major place where you can get stamps near you. In this article, we’ll provide you with the necessary information about where to purchase stamps. The list of places to get postage stamps near you will is exhaustive, and it will surprise you that you haven’t thought about those places.

1. Postage Stamps from Walmart

Most of the big towns in the US have a Walmart store. Though, most of them are not frequently open around the clock. But, whatever postage stamps you need, you are guaranteed to get what you need. You can also purchase envelope, writing papers, and wrapping paper.

2. Postage Stamps from Pharmacy

Not all local pharmacy is guaranteed to carry the stamps. But many of the pharmacies carry well-known stamps such as RiteAide, Walgreens, and CVS. Pharmacies will help you get postage stamps as they have a wide array of postage stamps according to your mailing needs.

3. Banks

You can get postage stamps from any bank of your choice, but they are open for limited hours of the day. Interestingly, most towns, cities, and even small villages have at least one bank making it easier for anyone to access postal services.

Therefore, if you are looking for one of the most convenient places to purchase stamps, then you should visit the nearest bank to you. Though, you might not be able to get various kinds of stuff like an envelope, mailbox, etc. but you will easily find postage stamps.

4. Grocery Stores

Generally, you will find the grocery stores near you carrying postage stamps. Almost every grocery store in the US contains the stamps. This is the place where stamps can be gotten easily whenever you need. So, if they don’t sell postage stamps in your grocery stores, let them know the benefits of selling postage stamps.

5. A Gas Station

This is also an ideal place to sell postage stamps. However, not all gas stations sell stamps, so you need to find out which one sells stamps

6. Office Supplies

Traditionally, office suppliers have been selling stamps and other materials needed for posting mails. There are vendors scattered around where you can purchase stamps.

7. Online Sites

In the US and other countries, you could easily purchase postage stamps online. Websites like Amazon, eBay, USPS.com, Stamps.com, etc. are places you could buy postage stamps online. This is time effective and easy way to get postage stamps in the comfort of your home. Check these sites and choose the type of stamps that will suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can go online to search for “where can I buy stamps near me,” give your location, and a list of nearby postage stamp location will pop up.

How much do postage stamps cost?

As a result of the increasingly effective electronic mailing system, postage price stamps have become more expensive when compared to the older days. Due to postage stamps demand one needs to consider the price.

Below are the costs of the postal stamps as well as their use:

For Domestic Posting – Stamps for domestic posting cost an average of $0.25 to $0.95. For any additional stamp, you will pay $0.21.

For Domestic Shipping – Stamps for domestic shipping could be sold for about $0.22 for flat rate envelopes & packages.

Where to Buy Postal Stamps! [Complete Guide]

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