Which Dedicated Hosting Plan Is Most Beneficial for Ecommerce Sites?

 Smriti Sazawal
  Aug 01, 2018

Small businesses work on limited budgets and find shared hosting plans most effective. In shared hosting, there will be many sites on the same server and resources get allocated as needed. However, site performance can be affected as other users begin to use up too many server resources. So, businesses are forced to consider an upgrade to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting. Managed dedicated servers are perhaps the best possible solution although they can be very expensive. They are most effective in resolving downtime issues and rendering round-the-clock support.

How are managed dedicated servers better than shared servers?

Shared servers may fail when one of the co-users start to get a whole lot of business and the traffic suddenly rises. There is over usage of resources by one party and this ruins business for many companies. Shared plans are typically unmanaged and this implies that you have to wait for support to take over when such a crisis happens. But, with managed dedicated servers, this problem will never arise. You can enjoy resources all by yourself and you have access to technical support 24x7. Managed VPS plans are good for smaller businesses but ecommerce sites can stand to gain from managed dedicated servers.

What are the benefits which managed dedicated servers can offer your business?

  • With managed dedicated servers you can enjoy on-call maintenance. Most crashes are known to happen at odd hours of the night when you cannot get access to technical help under normal circumstances. You would have to wait for help which can lead to a really long downtime period. Such crashes may be triggered by simple reasons like a routine security patch gone wrong or someone bypassing firewalls. With managed dedicated servers, you will always get teams of professionals to resolve technical glitches at any time of the day and night.
  • There are also times when security loopholes in one site can lead to other websites sharing a server getting compromised. When there are companies sharing a server, much of their backend remains the same. This is risky, because in this case employee databases and customer databases may get compromised. This may have fatal consequences for ecommerce sites. Managed dedicated servers will guard your against these risks.
  • DDoS attacks are quite common when a server gets flooded with too many data requests. Finally, the server is not able to offer responses to any query. Businesses choosing unmanaged solutions and shared hosting have to face this often. This is why managed dedicated servers are best suited for ecommerce sites which cannot afford to have downtimes because of unresponsive servers.
  • Finally, managed dedicated servers are always flexible and they can grow seamlessly with clients. Your hardware and software needs will keep changing with time. So, every time you need new resources, you can request your dedicated host for them. In unmanaged hosting, this may take a while to arrive. Dedicated resources can help you serve your clients right away. Besides, you can use all new technologies as updating to these is faster with managed hosting.

Our Dedicated Managed Hosting team is your personal support team for any tasks that you just would like completed. The dedicated hosting service delivers the pure integrated performance of the newest semiconducting material technologies, bundled with associate degree assurance of dependableness, and provides you freedom from security threats and compliance hassles. In totally Managed dedicated server hosting, complete server management tasks square measure performed at service provider's finish. additionally to the present, the server is monitored and needed applications square measure put in to confirm swift business functioning. The service supplier offers application support, information support, network time period support, and OS troubleshooting. Managed dedicated server hosting is dear than dedicated server hosting. In dedicated server hosting, consumer is accountable for all the server management and watching tasks - and therefore the service supplier deals with the idea installation, network time period watching, and security.

Which Dedicated Hosting Plan Is Most Beneficial for Ecommerce Sites?

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