Which is the Best Samsung Smartphone in India?

 Shailendra Kumar
  Sep 27, 2018

Samsung has launched various models of mobile phones in India, ranging from the basic ones to the most advanced ones. The best thing about Samsung smartphones is that they are very easy for the users to operate. The utility of various Android-based apps with Samsung’s smart integration makes it very handy for use.

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This EMI financing option is available with minimal to zero down payment and processing fees. You only need to pay the price in total, without any added interest. Get an EMI Network Card if you do not own one to avail this offer.

Applying for one is very simple. You can fill up a form online, get yourself verified with an SMS and purchase the best Samsung smartphone. Below are some of the top models.

4 leading smartphones from Samsung:

  • Galaxy Note 8

The 6.3-inches curved infinity display infused with a sleek design make this smartphone rank high on designs. It is very handy with no-protrusions front and back camera.

Owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can be very satisfying as its high performing 10-nm processor with 6GB RAM helps with smooth scrolls and quick retrieval of stored data. A perfect smartphone for a quick-paced life, it also comes in 3 different colours – Midnight Black, Orchid Grey and Maple Gold.

Another striking feature to make Samsung Galaxy Note 8 even more appealing is the S Pen. Use this pen to draw in live messages or write notes on the screen with the feel of a notepad in hand. It takes communication to a whole new level.

  • Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge is a water and dust resistant Samsung phone coming with a 3D Curved Glass and Dual Curve Back. It also has a dual front camera of 12 MP and 5 MP.

You also get the best mobile gaming experience on Samsung S7 Edge with a very high-quality processor. The game control and game recording features make it a favourite among gamers.

  • Galaxy A7

Launched in 2017, this phone in the Galaxy series comes with an advanced camera for zooming in with a precise depth. The IP68 integration lets you use it even in adverse weather conditions like dust and water without worrying about any damage to the phone.

The memory on Samsung Galaxy A7 can be expanded up to 256 GB, thereby, allowing you to store videos and movies conveniently. The dual SIM feature provides flexibility to select network during travel.

One USP – You can check your notifications on it even without waking up the phone. The Always-On Display feature with minimum battery consumption ensures you have access to time and calendar always.

  • Galaxy S8 Plus

The full-frontal, edge-to-edge display of Galaxy S8 Plus gives you a clear view of the screen, whichever angle you look from. Also, despite its big size, the slim phone is easy to hold in one hand.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in any one of the four colours –

  • Midnight Black

  • Orchid Gray

  • Coral Blue

  • Maple Gold

Its accurate and fast front and rear cameras capture every moment you want as a memory. One robust feature of this device is its Iris scanner unlocking system. Your phone is always safe with the scanner as the Iris biometrics cannot be copied. However, this unique security along with other features comes at a high price.

Nevertheless, you can easily finance any of these phones with the pre-approved offers of Bajaj Finserv. These pre-approved offers also cover EMI product financing, business loans, home loans, personal loans, and other financial products and services. Provide a few simple details to check your pre-approved offer. It makes the processing of getting funds easy and quick.

So, choose the best Samsung smartphones available in India, and get them easily financed through Bajaj Finserv.

Which is the Best Samsung Smartphone in India?

Shailendra Kumar

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