Which Web Hosting Service is Right for You?

 Smith Paul
  Jul 21, 2016

Web Hosting Service Provider

I am an entrepreneur and just like any other businessman, I too planned to build a website for my business, quite some time ago.

No doubt, I selected the best web development services for my website. But, Oops! I missed on its hosting. I got a low price hosting which promised lucrative offerings at a very negligible price.

Alas! After some time, my website started performing very slowly. It took lot of time to load and very often, became inaccessible as the traffic to it started multiplying rapidly. I started receiving complaints about the weak performance of my website quite often.

I was out of clue to the happenings around and hence, talked to my friend for a solution. He, being well-informed individual on various information technology aspects, suggested me to hire good web host for my website. This marked the end for my problems as I got to find the best hosting solution which gave a top performance for my website 24/7. Hence, I realized the importance of good web hosting services.

A Good Hosting Service is….

A good hosting service is necessary, if you want your website to perform well on the internet platform. The best hosting services will not only decrease the loading speed of your website, but, will also allow demand based bandwidth to it, so that it does not get inaccessible in case the traffic to it rises in excess. These web hosts will help you create a perpetual presence for your website on the internet, thereby, making your business available to your customers round the clock.

Here’s My Way to Select the Best Web Hosting Service

You now know what a proper web hosting service means for your website, but, how will you make up to it? How can you find the best hosting services for your website?

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Here are a few very important criterion to focus on, when selecting a hosting service for your website.

Cross Check the Web Hosting Service Providers

Wait! Do not hurry as you select a web host for your website. Make sure you thoroughly check with the reputation and previous customers’ experiences with a hosting provider before finalizing them. After all, you do not want to risk your investments in fake hosts that make false promises, right?

Sounds difficult? But, it’s not. It’s a quite simple task.

First way is to go to sites like Yelp, Google reviews etc., and check out the star ratings and reviews given to different webhosting providers. A hosting provider below THREE STAR rating is just not preferable.

Secondly, you can prefer to have a chat conversation with the service provider himself. Talk to him and try to understand their overall support abilities from the response you get. You may even ask these providers for references or client list.

Just analyze the reviews properly and then decide on which provider has good reputation in this business.

Decide with the Hosting Package

Once that you know the names of a few good hosting service providers, you need to count on whose and what offerings will work best for you.

Yes, you got me right this time! Decide with the appropriate hosting package for your needs.

Check out various hosting packages and plans available with reputed hosting providers and select the one that suits best to your needs

For example, if you are beginner with a small website, consider shared hosting package. This will save your money and also the time to let your website to grow without any performance problems. But, on the other hand, dedicated or cloud hosting packages would be the right choice for the large-scale enterprises that have larger and complex websites with huge number of views coming in regularly.

Never forget to consider space and bandwidth in your plan, as there has to be enough space for your website to grow in near future

Consider the hosting package of a provider who allows you to upgrade your plans or migrate from one to another along with your changing necessities

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Back Ups & Security

Regular backups will protect your website data and hence, are very essential to ensure your website content is safe from all the hazards or disasters. Hence, you should prefer a hosting service that can provide you with daily or weekly backups in order to ensure complete safety of your data.

Protect your websites from hackers or breaching practices with SSL certifications. Thus, get a hosting service that gives SSL protection too. There are many hosting solutions that provide free of cost SSL certification with their hosting packages. Just check out whether your preferred hosting service gives you the same facility or not.

Count on Features like Cron Jobs, Auto Installer..

I am really surprised to learn that many organizations ignore features like cron jobs, auto installer, .htaccess and others when selecting a web host. Cron, which is important for day-to-day in-out operations, auto installer, that enables easy installations and updates to web applications, .htaccess for page redirects and various other features are important for websites. Hence, never settle with the hosting services that do not offer you with these critical features.

Server Reliability

You need a web host that gives you consistent performance to hold up your websites 24/7. This is possible only when your web host relies on a powerful server and strong network connections. Hence, before you go with a hosting service, make sure you have reviewed its uptime scores which I personally prefer not less than 99.5%.

Signup & Renewal Costs

In my search for web host, I was completely astonished with the pricing fraud that happens here.

What I found was that many web hosting providers offered their packages at low sign up costs. Yes, you got it right. This was just for attracting newbies to their services. They target new customers who end up paying excessive renewal costs later on.

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Hence, be careful to verify with the signup as well as the renewal costs of the hosting providers before making up your decision in favor of one.

Apart from all the above criteria, you a need to check out with certain criteria if ecommerce website is what you are looking to host. You need to make sure whether you need a shopping cart software for your website, process special business transactions on it or require some extraordinary technical support. Depending on your requirements, you may select a reliable web host for your ecommerce website.

Wrapping Up:

One man’s mistake can be another man’s opportunity. What I mean to say here is that there is no fixed solution for all hosting needs.

Blogs, ecommerce websites, dynamic portals and static business websites, websites of different sizes, features and complexities….. all do have a different hosting need.

Hence, you need to list out your priorities and business needs, and then choose an appropriate web host to best match your needs.

Yes, the FACT lies in finding the RIGHT web host rather than the BEST one.

Below are the Hosting Provider list, I personally believe, its worth to buy.

# Best Hosting Sites Performance Link
1 Traffic Planet Hosting Very Good Click Here
2 Web Hosting Pad Very Good Click Here
3 Inter Server Very Good Click Here
4 Crucial Hosting Very Good Click Here
5 Dream Host Very Good Click Here

Which Web Hosting Service is Right for You?

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