Who Uses Solar Panels and What is Future of Solar Panels?

 Praveen Kumar
  Jun 05, 2018

Solar energy technology is an evolving year on year, therefore we observed an increase in efficiency and reduction in the cost of solar panels. It will be an alternate energy for humankind and it will be visible across all sections of society in next 10 years.

Solar panels are used to generate electricity, it saves electricity bills and it can be used anywhere where enough sunlight is available.

Uses of Solar Panels

It is used for below purposes:

  • For heating waters
  • For generating electricity
  • For running water pumps
  • For an alternate source of energy
  • For Charging of mobile, Rickshaw etc.

It is used for water purification around the world, It is the maintenance free mechanism so it is used to solve major problems.

In 2018, the increasing demands of solar industry in offline market, Loom Solar has started a shopping platform where solar buyers can choose and compare the price of multiple brands on a single place.

It is used by the residential and commercial property to generate a cleaner and affordable source of electricity. These days it is used mainly to replace expensive form electricity, Fossil fuel is not only more expensive but also polluted for our environment.

The demands of the solar panel are increasing Multifood due to below reasons:

Step 1: Subsidy on Solar Panels, Central and State government are offering subsidy up to 30% on order value to increase consumption of solar panels. It helps a consumer to offset installation cost.

Step 2: Use to Run Home Appliances, So far we are running all our appliances using electricity as we had no affordable energy, after solar panels, we have the alternate source of energy to run all home appliances, lighting, and water pumps during day and nights.

Step 3: Negotiate a Favorable Rate, Since we have an alternate source of energy so we have the edge, so we can negotiate with local electricity board, now we will have lower consumption using electricity so we will also qualify for lower tariff rate.

Step 4: Sell Surplus energy, Advantage of solar panels are we can use it as well as we can sell surplus energy to Electricity Company. This can be done by homeowners, commercial buyers which tariff is always expensive.

Step 5: Rent your roof, You can sell power using PPA model (Power Purchase Agreement) where you can rent, you rent roof to the private company who will generate electricity and the sells it at the lower rate to others. Here, you get electricity at the lower rate as well as you get rent.

Step 6: Increase resale value by 20% of your property, if your house is equipped with solar panel, then property resale value increases compare to other property

Step 7: Reduction in heating bills: Using solar panels, you can save electricity bill drastically, It will also help to reduce electricity bills compared to conventional electricity bills.

Step 8: Green Energy, Solar is green, clean and renewable energy. It doesn’t pollute the environment. If we want to make our future generations to live in a polluted free environment. we should go for solar energy.

Step 9: Durability, It is safe and sustainable for 25 years. It is maintenance free.

Step 10: Battery Backup, Using solar panel, you can store power in your battery and you can later use it for multipurpose.

Step 11: Besides, there are multiple other ways to use solar energy like charging of mobile phones, batteries, and laptops etc.

Future of Solar Panels:

Climate change is the big threat to our planet, and solar is by far the largest source of energy available in many forms. Therefore, use of solar will reduce carbon omission drastically.

There are many new ways we will see in future that people will use it.

  • Solar Windows: We will see, people will use solar panels to make windows in a small house, big house or in multi-story buildings. It will provide enough energy to fulfill the requirement of the house.

  • Solar Transportations: Within 10 years, we will see a big transformation in transportations industry as Bus, Car, Scooter and other vehicles will run on solar energy. Besides, It will charge the battery to fulfill other requirements. Recently, Delhi government introduced a bus that runs on the solar panel, it is a self-sustainable bus.

  • Solar Fashion: Researcher and Innovators are working on creating fabric integrated with solar cells so you can use it to recharge the battery, mobile etc. Besides, many firms have introduced sunglasses, jewelry, watches and backups that function with solar panels.

India’s government plans to reach up to 40% of the country’s energy from renewable by 2030. In India, 30 crore people have no electricity, solar energy will play a pivotable role for affordable energy in these houses. All new roads, building, and bridge are getting made with solar energy by the Governments.

Who Uses Solar Panels and What is Future of Solar Panels?

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