Why Are Digital Business Cards A Threat To Traditional Ones

 Krishna kumar
  Sep 05, 2017

With the arrival of internet and smart phones, the business world prefers to conduct its merchandising through online. Along with it, the nature and manner of exchanging business cards too got its make over. Though most of the business undertakings happen online, people still cling to traditional business cards. Now, it is high time to perch to digital ones to reap advantages and best results.

When we think about the benefits of digital cards over the traditional ones, they are plenty. First of all, you do not have to print the cards every now and then. More over, there never comes a moment you say that the cards got over. In many occasions, there comes an instant when the cards get finished while distributing them in bulk. The concept of digital business card has made life more easy. Exchanging a card is just a click away!

As it is digital, it is always easily available. It never gets damaged or misplaced or lost. Take an example of a traditional card. You have to keep everybody's card in a physical card folder, and wherever you go, you have to carry a bulk of your own card. But, these handicaps are solved with digital business card. Cardaap is the best example for this, which is a modern app for creating and exchanging business/visiting cards.

Moreover, there is no worry of getting a digital card damaged. In the case of traditional cards, by continuous use over time, the chances of getting it spoiled are very high. If you need to search some particular card, you do not need to manually ransack the entire folder, unlike traditional card folders. Here, you just need to type it.

In the modern age, as we are in a habit of using mobile application for each and every thing, Cardaap stands apart from such apps. It is intended to be utilitarian and economic. Given the amplitude of users roosting to digital cards, the time is no far when the traditional cards are completely replaced by its digital counterpart.

Unlike old days, it has become really very crucial to promote your business online. At the same time, you should be well aware of the cheapest and free, if any, means to augment the business.

There are several ideas to promote your business online and offline. Publishing great content, creating innovative videos, creating accounts in social media website and uploading data on your products or services, e-mail marketing, hosting an event, developing industry partnerships etc. are some of the methods used to stimulate your ongoing business or start ups. Though these are low budget methods, for a startup with very less capital, these too prove to be high.

But, one of the best ways to boost your business is to get registered in Cardaap, an app for creating and exchanging business cards. Everybody uses business cards as a sign of their identity, which is supposed to give a lasting impression in the viewer's mind. But, if the visiting card itself becomes a matter of business promotion in a more generous way, then that would be something great!

We now that there are many small business persons who do not know how to develop their business and bring it to their targeted customers. In the case of above said methods, they have to do a lot for getting the desired result, with very low budget. Here comes the significance of Cardaap, which is absolutely free. The only requirement is to download the app and take the advantage by registering there. When someone wants to avail your services, they can just get into Cardaap and search. As it is an app, Cardaap takes your business and website to a wider range of customers. You can always update the data in that, and hence, anybody will get your latest contact details easily, unlike the traditional business cards.

Thus, Cardaap shows to be a better option over all other techniques, which tries to rectify almost all the difficulties attached with conventional methods.

Why Are Digital Business Cards A Threat To Traditional Ones

Krishna kumar

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