Why Digitize Your Photos - How to Do It?

 Brandon Harris
  Apr 04, 2019

How many old family photos do you have you stocked up in the attic or basement? Millions of homeowners have piles upon piles of albums or loose photos that are just taking up space that could be put to better use. Yes, these photos are precious and you can’t just throw them away… but you can always call upon a bulk photo Digitizing Service to get them digitized. Even better, if you put them on the cloud and create a backup, your photos would be accessible from anywhere and preserved forever.

Let’s see why and how to digitize your photos.

Why Digitize Your Photos?

Because They will be Safe and Preserved

Floods, fires, and other natural disasters can strike anytime; and if that happens, chances are you may lose your priceless photos for good. However, if you have a digital copy; you can store them in multiple places which increases accessibility and security.

Digitizing also improves photo quality. For instance, if the color has faded away from that childhood photo of yours, you can easily edit and recolor once you have a virtual copy with you. Scratches, fold marks and possible damages can most likely be removed after editing.

Because Digital Albums are an Easily Managed

Digital albums can be organized and managed in a powerful manner. Metadata can be inputted for every photo with key details such as the event, date, time, people in the picture, the photographer and even back story information. All this information makes organizing your photos super easy and detailed; add in the fact that you can do a search for specific info and you can easily locate any particular picture whenever you want to.

Because They Remove Clutter

Thinking about downsizing? Even if that’s not the case, it’s always good to free up space. Photos in and out of albums can take up a lot of space that could be better used for other things. Once your collection is digitized you have the option of tossing out all that photo clutter and finally getting to use all of your space again. This can really come in handy when moving.

Because They Can Be Shared

Digital pictures are shareable on social media, through email, the cloud, and other internet platforms. This way everyone who wants their own copy can get it anytime anywhere. No more gathering around an old album in grandma’s basement wondering who’s in the tiny photo you’re looking at.

How to Scan Photos?

Let’s Get Organized

You want to digitize all those photos scattered about but wait. Do you really want to preserve that blurry photo with half a face? Not really, right? Digitizing all photos may actually be a hassle.

As a first step, go through all albums one by one and set aside photos you want to have scanned. We recommend that you sit at the dining table or on the floor of an empty room –a place where you can spread out and leave the photos you set aside for a while since browsing albums could take a couple of hours or days, depending on how many you have.

What if some of the photos are damaged? Set them aside, for now, if the damages are minor then removal may be possible through editing software, either at home or by using photo restoration services. Also, if a photo isn’t in good condition but you have the negative, you can get the negative scanned and it will most likely be of better quality.

Once you collect all the photos that you want scanning, group them together by events such as weddings, picnics and birthdays. If any photos aren’t associated with something specific, you can either add them to a random category or group them by the person. Then, arrange the photos in chronological order, usually with the most recent ones at the top.

After that, sort through all the photos one more time, marking the ones that you want to send to a bulk photo scanning service.

Choose a Service

You can scan yourself if you have the time and proper equipment, but it’s generally better to seek professional bulk photo scanning services. Obviously, there will be some costs involved, but with the amount of time you’ll save, it will be well worth the expense. Photo digitization services use three main kinds of scanners. The flatbed, in which the sensitive picture is laid down flat on the glass service. The head moves over the photos and captures the image, which is sent to a computer. An auto feed scanner, which will scan groups of sturdier photos quickly at a high quality. Overhead planetary scanners are used for oversized photos and scrapbook scanning.

As for scanning the photos yourself, you’ll need the right kind of equipment such as a flatbed scanner or auto feed scanner. While you can use your tablet, digital cameras, and smartphones; they aren’t really recommended because of the quality deteriorates.

Decide a Suitable Storage Medium

So where do you want to store your photos? Locally on your computer, an external hard drive, or cloud storage? Ideally, you should pick more than one of these choices, creating multiple backups for safety. Also, remember that high-resolution photos can take up a lot of space. It can be more economical to have the full quality images stored locally on your computer and to have reduced quality versions hosted on the cloud so your online storage costs are lower.

Adjust Settings

Your chosen photo restoration service will probably scan the photos as a JPEG file in 24-bit color. If you’ve also requested editing services, then the higher end TIFF format will be used for maximum data capture. The data and other key details like the event and size will be included with all photos.

Organize Again!

Lastly, organize your scanned photos as well, saving them in different folders based on time and event. Tag each picture with a recognizable name. Depending on the service you choose, they may do this for you.

Share and Enjoy

When all your photos are digitized, you can create collages, edit them, share and create your own digital albums. You definitely have them preserved for years and years to come.

Want more details about scanning photos, documents, and other files? Follow our blog for regular updates.

Why Digitize Your Photos - How to Do It?

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