Why Do PWA is considered as A Game Changer in E-commerce?

 Nannie Nova
  Jan 28, 2019

Change is the only thing inevitable in the e-commerce realm; sometimes it appears like a passing fad while at other times it turns out to be a seismic shift. PWA (Progressive Web Apps) definitely falls into the later category.

Being no longer a nerdy concept, the notion of PWA seems to be gaining momentum. For those who aren’t much familiar with the term, just think of a visitor interacting with your online presence as if it were an app. Which certainly means that they can install, use it offline and receive important notifications when online. The following post emphasizes on why it has been covering a lot of spotlight and geek speaks across the globe.

Based on standard web technologies and unique JavaScript features, PWA has the potential to improve user experience, visitor engagement as well as conversion rates. Tech Giant Google owns the credit of coming up with a website that probably gives you a feel of using an app. Typically speaking, these normal looking sites comprises of large easy to tap buttons and have the capacity to load any cached content taking mobile optimization to the next level. Apart from this, you no longer require worrying about your site being disrupted by poor internet connection.

According to Google, PWAs must adhere to the following factors:


• Support Offline Mode

• Push Messaging

• Main Screen Icons

• Browser Compatibility

• Flexibility

Why Should One Abandon Responsive Design And Jump Into The PWA Bandwagon?

As we all know that the whole world seems to be squeezed inside mobile phones and a radical e-commerce business is no exception! Unlike those conventional sites, PWA saves the entire web page to the user’s local storage and updates content at regular intervals. Unfortunately, many of you have this misconception that responsiveness is the only thing an e-commerce website needs. Of course, responsive websites do satisfy the end user but what about the fast loading speed and new updates. Websites, in general, are created for informative purposes whereas progressive apps are made for simplifying tasks and solving problems.

The road to ever-increasing profits is paved with a bunch of unfair advantages. Due to which many of the best ideas fail whereas some of the average looking people can widely grow. A successful entrepreneur always ends up taking advantage of every opportunity coming his way. So, the only way to go beyond things is to go through them. Trust me; these changes will definitely help you grow.


Further below I would like to shed some light on how Progressive Web Apps can improve business efficiency in no time.

#1 Look & Feel- People will never forget how you made them feel. Being more user-friendly, these apps allow a professional to build UX features that resemble native app functionality. Besides, they comprise of an attractive looking interface and can be operated offline. Other capabilities that make PWA more favourable in comparison to websites include:

• Design and settings are similar to native mobile software

• Tools & frameworks are easily accessible

• Speed & responsiveness

• Flexible & comprehensive nature

• SEO friendly

#2 Avid Performance- The cache, server text, images, and other content enables these apps to operate like websites featuring great loading speed. In today’s fast-paced world, consumers often tend to behave impatiently with shorter attention spans. Thus, it becomes imperative for you to come up with something that features both quick operation and impeccable performance. PWA turns out to be the best possible solution and ends up improving retention rates and customer loyalty.

#3 Seamless Offline Operation- As I said before, PWAs have specific functionality that updates content at regular intervals. Which means you no longer require to bother your end users with notifications and permission requests. The apps automatically update every time the user visits. In simple words, you can have a renewed look with no human efforts. Other than this, these apps also have the capability to operate offline; all thanks to the built-in service workers. These special ingredients have the potential to eliminate the necessity to download things now and then and access pages with poor or no internet connection.

#4 Security- One of the most booming and blooming threat is security. With the dawn of technology advancement, we find ourselves exposed to threats and risks previously unheard of. Fortunately, Progressive Web Apps comprises of HTTPS that allows precluding snooping and content tampering.

#5 Push Notification Functionality- Yes, here native mobile applications and PWAs are on the same page; both have access to device-specific functionality such as push notification. And do you know what the best part is? Potential customers allow their applications to send them notifications. As a result, companies end up making the most of this opportunity by promoting their products and services in the least possible time.

It’s a Wrap!

I must say the tech holds the power of providing a plethora of benefits in a single go. Many older generations being technology immigrants have witnessed the significant improvement in their businesses. So, are you ready to explore the perfect mix of the feature-rich nature of apps and the wide web audience?

Why Do PWA is considered as A Game Changer in E-commerce?

Nannie Nova

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