Why Do We Give Red Roses on Valentine

 Rajashree Deshpande
  Jan 02, 2018

February is regarded as the month of love because of the Valentine's Day. On this special day, two lovers accept their feelings for each other. They give gifts to each other and a bouquet of red roses. Why not any other flowers? Have you ever thought why red rose is so special on this day? You are not alone in the race. Many of you are still clueless. The popularity of red roses is because of its rich history.

Know about the history

The ritual of giving red roses on Valentine's started back in the 17th century. According to the Greek Mythology, the roses got the affiliation with Aphrodite. There is a story which said that roses are considered as the bushes grew on the ground. Aphrodite's tears and blood of her lover, Adonis are the real reason behind the growth of roses. It was Romans, who regarded Aphrodite's as their goddess and kept the roses as her symbol of beauty and love.

Symbolic meaning of red roses

Each flower has its own symbolic meaning, but the roses are used to express the sentiments of love and passion. Most of the lovers opt for Valentine's Day flower delivery Melbourne to make the day special. Red roses are proudly standing against the test of time-based on love, romance, politics, beauty, and culture. Thanks to their beautiful appearance and incredible color, they are also used for different occasions. MFF is a one-stop destination for those who want to send Valentine's Day flowers to their loved one.

Share your infinite love by sending rose

Roses are the highly picked to woo your loved ones. If you are worried about the freshness, then leave it to MFF. We only offer the fresh, beautiful and colorful flowers and indulge in Valentine's Day flower delivery. By keeping the quintessential of roses in mind, we take care of your emotions and preserve their beauty to bring a smile to your loved one's face.

Roses whisper the passion and keep a special place in everyone's heart. Giving someone roses show that you are romantic by heart and love your special person by heart. Whether you present them one rose or give a bunch of bouquets, it's the perfect way of showing your feeling. It has become a tradition and followed for so many years.

Ideas to amaze your special person with red roses

  • Go for a single rose

Instead of giving a bouquet, you can send single rose in a beautiful box. Place it strategically and amuse your loved ones.

  • Opt for the 13th

Try this crazy idea and surprise your partner. Instead of giving roses on 14th of February, give the flowers on 13th to impress her.

  • Make the bouquet more dramatic

Go for the latest trend to beautify your bouquet. For this, you can use other flowers too with origami flowers.

  • 100 bloomed red roses

It just sounds wow! This is the best way to impress your partner this Valentine's Day.

  • Think about the seasonal flowers along with red roses

Choosing local flower shop is not actually a great way to get the seasonal flowers. MFF is indulged in the process of offering best bloomed flowers to the clients. And when it is Valentine Day, our job becomes more responsible. Along with the red roses, you can make a unique bouquet by combining with ranunculus, anemones, proteas, garden roses, and double headed tulips. When mixed with stems and leaves, it completely gives garden feel.

  • Making use of uniquely designed container

Give a modern twist by keeping the flowers bouquet in differently shaped vase to give an elegant look. This offers a streamlined or simple yet elegant appearance at the same time.

  • Go for Ombre

Yes, this will bring a twist to your Valentine Day. How you can create an Ombre look? This can be done by choosing both red and orange roses. At the bottom, make use of orange flowers to make the arrangement look more beautiful.

  • Don’t stick to one, make more

This is a great idea to create excitement and give surprise to your hubby. Presenting different bouquets at different time creates a beautiful era and makes your partner to love you more. He or she will never going to forget this day. Mark our words.

  • Keep them last forever

Arranging flowers is like making delicious food. Because it depends on the quality of flowers you choose to make a beautiful bouquet. How to make them lasts forever? To keep them forever, always keep the stems deep in the water. You can also cut the stems in regular basis to last them forever. This is the very small tip to keep the flowers fresh.

MFF is the best place where you can find lots of options to amuse your love.

Why Do We Give Red Roses on Valentine

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