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  Aug 16, 2018

Exness is a company offering forex services and a type of forex account called Exness Cent account. It is widely reckoned that Forex trading is regarded as a tough one for beginners. From my own experience, new traders are always wrestling with a ton of difficulties in their first trading, which leads to the risk of their trading. I’ve discussed with many traders, who first start their trading, most of them lost a lot of money because lacking experience. Hence, they are likely to find a demo account which enables them to experience trading in a short period of time before coming to real one. However, in my opinion, it is not really a good solution to this problem because of some fundamental reasons. On the other hand, it would not be a wrong choice, yet it would also not be a good option. Many researchers have shown that if you win a lot of money by using the demo account, your money will be evaporated when coming to real account. As a matter of fact, when new traders use a demo account, they can get a diversity of great trading conditions such as lower spread, lower volatility, better execution, and prices…

I think that beginners will be easily captivated by these things which it seems to be more profitable. Paradoxically, when new traders use the real account, certainly it will be completely different from demo one. From my own experience, people will feel more confident when getting a lot of money at the very beginning. This can be a risky thing for them to choose a demo account. Normally, when practicing with demo account around 2 or 3 months, new traders must do everything again. The reason why they need to restart everything is that they must learn more important things when using the real account. To my mind, new traders will waste a lot of time and endeavor when approaching the demo account at the beginning. As a result, I hope that all new forex traders can make a good decision when choosing the account. I strongly believe that Cent account is a plausible option in this case, especially for forex beginners. I will elucidate the reason why it is the best one for new traders.

  • First and foremost, it is definitely a genuine account which people can totally rely on. I deem that when using a real one, it will give you a wide range of beneficial factors. Moreover, you can enjoy good trading conditions such as real spread, real prices, real volatility, slippage… In my viewpoint, it would be a great thing when you win with Cent account because you can win any other accounts. I absolutely think that we should come to Cent account which is super profitable for all traders, especially new ones.
  • Secondly, when coming to this account, you are likely to enhance your discipline. As we all know, when you do not pay much attention to your trading methods, you will lose your money.
  • Thirdly, Cent account can be an ideal for all beginners. It is because you are trading Scent Dollars which you can get a big profit. Moreover, this is a real account which allows you to withdraw money at any time. I thus think that it would be a vantage point for you to get more money. For instance, when you deposit 10$ and have $1000 in your own account. Obviously, thanks to 1000 USC, you have more chances to open a lot of orders to practice trading. In my opinion, it would be easier for you to do everything when using this account. What’s more, you also have a lot of opportunities for new traders to learn precious things which can help you to upgrade your trading ability.

Exness Cent account is a good option for all new traders.

In reality, smaller brokers will offer Cent account. But, as I’ve mentioned already, it is not good for traders to choose these small brokers because of its risk. On the contrary, bigger forex brokers are not offering Cent accounts at this point. I have to say that you should choose a great broker that you can benefit from. On the other hand, you can choose Cent account by coming to Exness, which is the biggest broker in the forex market. I have been trading with this broker for almost 5 years and Exness is always my top of choice. In fact, Exness is audited by Deloitte, which is a reliable accounting company. Hence, I ensure that Exness is the best broker right now. It is true that their target audiences do not include new traders, which force them to restrict the number of orders. Nonetheless, you do not worry about this because you still would be able to practice for about 1 or 2 months. Exness, I think, is the best option for you due to some factors:

  • To begin with, as we all know, Exness now is the largest forex broker in the globe. Therefore, you will enjoy the best trading conditions without any worry. We can totally rely on big broker because they are having a good reputation.
  • The second point is that you do not need to deposit a lot of money when trading with this broker, which is really beneficial for beginners.
  • Moreover, when you trading with this broker, you can get the highest leverage. At the same time, the margin will be lowered. In this case, it would be great to have more free margins to keep your orders open.
  • The next thing that we can benefit is that you certainly deposit and withdraw your money from this account by local payment methods, which is a very great thing. In fact, you are new traders, you should choose the easy thing to do.
  • Exness is offering lower minimum position value which can be suited for beginners. With a lower minimum order value, you will have more chances to practice around 1 or 3 months.
  • When you come to Exness Cent account, you do not need to worry about some difficulties in trading. Because they are supporting their traders' various languages and better trading conditions. In my opinion, it would be really profitable for new traders. As a matter of fact, new traders have to struggle with the language barrier regularly. Hence, I think that you had better choose Exness which is a great broker in forex market now. They always help their customers whenever they are facing problems. They are available for a variety of languages such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and English-speaking countries…
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How to get Exness Cent account?

It is pretty straightforward for new traders to open an Exness Cent account. Just go to their website. You do not have to prepare so many things. What you should do is to have an email and a phone number. In one word, Exness is the best choice for all traders.

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