Why Fire Trucks Are Red? All You Need to Know

 Kevin Brown
  Aug 05, 2019

Many people are still wondering why fire trucks are red. Whenever there is a fire, we call the fire truck to control the fire. It is not so that every fire truck has a red color. There are many fire trucks around the world which have different colors such as blue, purple, yellow, and black.

There are many western countries where you can find blue, yellow, and pink fire trucks. But red is an official color for the fire truck. You might have heard many theories about why fire trucks are red? Today, we are going to inform you why fire trucks are red.

Why Fire Trucks Have Red Color?

The red color is the popular shade for the fire department. The department uses a red color on their vehicles. It was found 1995 study that most of the vehicles involved in the accidents are red. Another reason is that the competition between firefighting brigades was also responsible for the color race.

There are so many beliefs. Some said that in 1900, Henry Ford suggested the black color for the fire truck as it is cost-effective and durable for a long time. It is also said that the fire brigades wanted a more visible color. There is also one theory that the fire brigades wished to have the most expensive color to be featured on the fire trucks that was a red color. The study also found that the red color seems easier to catch during the day but it is very arduous to see at night.

Many people are still wondering why fire trucks are red. We are having many incidents that make people wonder. There was an incident; a girl’s house was on fire. She quickly called the fire brigade. The fire department asked her how to get her house.

It is said that the fire department had begun in the 1800s. There was a cut-throat competition between two volunteers group. They are rivals. Both were looking for a chance to reach at the fire sport first. They used to fight on the sport to put out the blaze. And it was a matter of pride for both groups. In those days, red was one of the most costly colors. It seemed very bright and easily recognizable. With time, red color was adopted by several groups.

Why Are Fire Engine Red?

Earlier, red color was used for firefighting equipment for a long time. At the outset, the fire engine was designed by Richard Newsham in 1721 is an English inventor. It was first painted in red color. And it was able to spray 380 liters of water a minute. With the changing of time, this red fire engine started getting popularity as the world’s favorite fire engine.


In Australia, a majority of people did not agree with red color. Another reason was that the red color was very expensive. The services of municipal fire brigades were started coincidently. The Australian government gave fire brigade department all the facilities. Even the all required paints were given by the Tramways Board.

David Russell was the curator of the Fire Services Museum of Victoria explained that during those days among all the colors red was one of the most visible colors the Tramways Board had. This was the main reason behind the fire truck are colored red.

There was another firefighter named Bryan Robertson explained about red fire trucks. In those days, the fire trucks were guided by an alarm system with bells. He was the vice president. If fire trucks are not red people might not be able to recognize. But visual signals are able enough to catch the people attention. One thing is very clear that we all are getting used to fire trucks which are painted red. We can’t be able to recognize fire trucks if they are in different shapes and color.

Ending up…

We hope you might have got all the detail of why fire trucks are red. Colors don’t matter, what matter is safety of people’s life.

Why Fire Trucks Are Red? All You Need to Know

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