Why Improving Health and Safety Practices is Good for Business

 Liz Buckley
  Oct 28, 2018

Health and safety practices include an assessment of risks to the workforce in addition to the appointment of competent people to deal with these hazards. Of course, it is also imperative that you ensure that businesses ensure that their employees have the knowledge to abide by the legislation introduced by the government. Educating workers about the dangers they face is a critical part of these practices as well. Unfortunately, the cost of implementing them is high. Therefore, many businesses ignore them.

Ironically, the benefits of improving health and safety policies outweigh the costs associated with them. One of these benefits is that they clarify the responsibilities that employers and workers have within the organization. For example, employers should maintain an accident book that describes unfortunate work related-incidents that befell their employees.

Other benefits of improving health and safety practices for your business are as follows.

Increase Productivity by Reducing the Number of Sick Days

In 2007, US employees took an average of fourteen sick days to nurse their conditions or to take care of a family member. These sick days coupled with compensation for workers cost the US economy $576 billion annually. Interestingly, a 2015 Harvard study noted that sick employees who continue working cost their employers $150 billion to $250 billion.

Therefore, absent or sick workers who are working will cost you loads of money. Fortunately, reducing these costs is possible. More specifically, pursuing health and safety practices would help you do that. For example, staff facilities such as toilets, washing areas, and refreshment centers should be clean to avoid the outbreak of diseases.

Remember, failing to wash hands accounts for almost 90% of all foodborne diseases in the US. One of them is Norovirus, which is the principal cause of gastroenteritis. Symptoms of Norovirus include stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Workers cannot work well when they are suffering from such illnesses. Avoid them by pursuing sound health and safety practices.

Recruit and Retain Staff

Did you know that 84% of job seekers examine a company’s reputation as one of their primary concerns? Did you also know that 69% of those seeking opportunities would forgo them if they had unfavorable views of the hiring firms? Therefore, working on your business’ reputation is vital if you want to recruit competent workers in the future.

However, creating a positive image for your company is impossible if your focus on health and safety is inadequate. For example, miners would avoid your mining firm if it has a reputation for failing to protect its workers from potential hazards. Your current employees will also quit if they get an offer from a business that takes health and safety practices seriously. This is one of the most important reasons that health and safety are vitally important to the success of your business.

Save Legal Costs

Rules and regulations regarding the health and safety of workers inform a court’s decision when it is passing judgment on work-related suits. More specifically, this decision will boil down to whether the company or its employees followed the right processes. Usually, the courts favor the party that adhered to the laid down procedures.

Improving health and safety practices in your company saves you from unfavorable rulings. For example, you can provide additional information to your workers on the use of equipment. You can increase the frequency of maintenance work, or you can purchase safety gear for workers. These steps will lead to a reduction in the number of work-related accidents and lawsuits. This is particularly important in more letigious western societies in terms of your bottom line, but it is a moral imperative anywhere in the world.

Health and safety practices benefit businesses significantly even though they require a bit of patience, effort, and financial input. For example, everyone will know his or her role in promoting safety in the workplace. The business will experience an increase in productivity. It will recruit and retain competent staff as well in addition to saving legal costs.

David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Effective Software, knows the importance of safety in business. He claims that “the role of safety in business is vitally important. It is imperative that we are proactive in developing a positive safety culture in our businesses. What we need is a genuine cultural shift, and this can have a profound impact on not just our workers, but also other KPIs such as consumer confidence and reputation.

Why Improving Health and Safety Practices is Good for Business

Liz Buckley

Liz is part of the content team at Effective Software. Liz has worked in the health and safety industry since graduating from university. When not writing about health and safety practices, Liz can be found researching new travel locations.

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