Why Linx Gaia is Best Among Portable Vapes?

 Peter McEneaney
  Jan 16, 2018

Portability is becoming more and more important in the vaporizer world. While in the past portable vapes were unheard of, the days of bulky desktop vaporizers are long behind us. We regularly see newer and cheaper models of portable vaporizers joining the market and the trend doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The popularity of vaping is multiplying, considered to be a far healthier alternative to smoking people are gaining interest. It really isn't that long since the first vaporizers joined the market in early 00’s since then continued research and development have led to products like the Linx Gaia being designed. Manufactured to the highest quality and with the impressive usability to match, this article will show you why the Linx Gaia is considered the best among Portable vapes.


One of the most defining parts of any sale is how attractive the product you are purchasing is. Since a portable vape is something you will use regularly and even carry around with you, how it appears is going to matter. Some units like the Mighty or the Boundless CF are bulkier, less discreet and more concerned with power than portability. The Linx Gaia is an example of how power doesn’t need to be sacrificed for looks. Subtle designs make the Gaia resemble a regular box-mod e-cigarette, making it that little bit more inconspicuous. The smooth, sleek finish on the metal casing of the Gaia unit is genuinely a pleasure to hold. While the features and internal uses of the Linx Gaia Vaporizer will be discussed in greater detail later on in this article, the external looks and design of the unit are hard to match. A joy to behold, the Linx Aira is available in a range of different colors and finishes.


The flavor produced by your vaporizer is key to how much you will enjoy using it. If you are used to the flavors associated with combustion and smoking the Gaia will be a smooth transition. To begin with, it is recommended to use a higher temperature setting. The reason for this is it will create a thicker, more dense vapor more similar to smoke. Once you have become accustomed to the vaporizer and to the art of vaping, lowering the temperature of the unit will unleash flavors you have never experienced before. The Linx Gaia uses a quartz chamber to ensure the strongest flavors possible. Quartz is far less heat sensitive than the regular chamber materials, leaving the flavor untainted and the metallic taste associated with vaping a myth. The convection style of heating creates an oven inside the chamber which uses hot air to heat the materials. The use of convection heating is renowned for the far superior flavors it can create, this is down to the fact that conduction actually uses direct contact with the materials or herbs being vaped to heat which can sometimes lead to combustion if used at high temperatures. The Quartz chamber, glass mouthpiece and convection style of heating in the Linx Gaia all contribute to a flavor which is genuinely difficult to match


Ease of use is integral to the popularity of any vaporizer. When a vaporizer is difficult to use or access it adds strain to a practice which isn’t supposed to be stressful. The Linx Gaia vaporizer has a range of designs to ensure your vaping experience is the maximum enjoyment it can be. The OLED screen displays clearly the battery usage and temperature setting and the temperature can easily be changed with the plus and minus buttons. The Gaia has a large temperature range which can be set at single increments between 200-428 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring the temperature which suits you is more than possible. The Quartz chamber which can hold anywhere up to .5g of a dry herb is easily loaded, its wide design improves accessibility while the air holes situated at the side ensure the airflow stays clear of the electrical components of the unit. While the instruction manual is in-depth and easy to follow, numerous tutorials and reviews are available on websites like youtube to make it that little bit easier to understand. Overall the Linx Gaia is a relative foolproof device which you should have very little difficulty understanding and enjoying.


The Linx Gaia is pumped full of funky features sure to take your eye. The design team, while busy developing a unit as attractive and usable as the Linx Gaia, created a range of features to make your vaping experience better. The Glass mouthpiece while more likely to get damaged, increases the flavor possibilities of your vapor. The borosilicate glass is less reactive to heat, ensuring minimal toxins enter your vapor at the drawing stage. Using the commonly seen 5 click activation we can be confident no battery will be lost through powering on in your pocket or bag. Since the unit is particularly easy to camouflage and is small to hold it becomes difficult to add features to the unit surface area itself, however, the design team at Linx have done considerably well. They have implemented a number of key designs which separate the Gaia from its competitors. The OLED display screen, the looks, the build and the overall usability are all impressive features which can be backed up by things such as one minute heat up times, single increment temperature ranges and even the possibility to charge your iPhone too. The product itself can’t be used while charging, so be sure to charge your unit well before you plan on using it as a 3-hour wait for charging can be a real nightmare. Overall though, the features associated with the Linx Gaia are hard to rival.


While the Vaporizer market is a large one, the prices can be large too. Not always, however, does more expensive units mean more impressive results. There are a lot of portable vaporizers which are quite simply out of the average person’s price range, the Linx Gaia changes this. The Gaia is a premium quality vaporizer, for a far more affordable rate. The price does not always reflect the quality, in many cases, the vaporizer market is built on reputation. If your reputation is desirable in the vaporizer market and you are continuously receiving rave reviews your product will succeed and this is no different with the Linx Gaia. Linx have gained popularity continuously since release. Through attractive designs, a range of impressive features and a usability to admire, the Linx Gaia Vaporizer is definitely worth its place at the top of the portable vape market, for a far more affordable price than most.

Why Linx Gaia is Best Among Portable Vapes?

Peter McEneaney

Peter McEneaney is a graduate of Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland. Peter has established himself as an expert in the Vaporizer & Cannabis world and has seen his work published on numerous well known websites and blogs. With an ability to engage his readers, through informative and conversational content, Peter's work is building a reputation for itself.

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