Why practice management solution promises rich returns for orthopedics

 Lucy Kaith
  Sep 04, 2017

Contemporary clinical practice is sophisticated involving a significant amount of tedious activities. Imaging for diagnosis, management of bulky files storing patient information, surgery setting up, appointments, the range of motion testing, and alleviating complaints all consume time and efficient healthcare IT solutions. Sophisticated mobile aspects associated with this practice mandates focused practice management solution that intuitively automates critical tasks and facilitates practitioners to cater to patients more efficiently.

Need for dedicated healthcare software solution

The orthopedic practice involves the collection, storing and updating of substantial chunks of patient information. The dedicated solution allows automatic checking of patient’s insurance status, setting up an appointment, and generating updates for important meetings.

The analytical aspect of solution helps to track the monetary facet of practice. You can trace patients who fail to appear on appointed days, delay in clearing bills, or are denied insurance claim settlement by providers. The dashboard generates customized reports for durations specified by you without the intervention of your staff.

The solution can be maneuvered even from the mobile interface and is compatible with cross browsing platforms. Saving of time, labor and money along with the integration of electronic health records and managed software solutions offer more edge to your practice.

The solution can be geared to meet needs of particular specialties and fulfill obligations about Transitional Care and Chronic Care Management. You can satisfy the EHR certification need mandatory for ACO membership. As you would exhibit compliance to PQRS stipulated reports and Stage II MU, you can steer clear of any punitive measures.

Choosing the right healthcare IT solution provider

The right solution provider with whom you would entrust with automation of your practice needs should have an impeccable technical track record in development and support of the solution. This strategic move before actual solution deployment would help you avail of stellar practices in the orthopaedic industry. Your healthcare IT solutions provider will make sure about the software you use is updated with contemporary federal regulations, monetary incentives, and other upgrades. The germane solution only can fulfill governmental, security, confidentiality, reporting and clinical practices related stipulations.

Getting access to clinical trials

Database of clinical research keeps getting updated with latest breakthroughs. As a practitioner, you need to have untrammeled access to case histories from one platform so that you can draw on the insights. Outcomes of clinical trials need to be maintained also. This is facilitated through practice solution.

The solution also issues alerts for customized parameters based on patient’s case history, diagnostic methods, surgical procedures, area, gender, and age. If the patient is a candidate for trial, the practitioner can learn more about the same and seek consent from the patient after allowing him to review test procedure through the solution. One can also proactively map patient histories for identification of potential candidates for clinical trials. The automated reports would also help seek financial sponsorship from research bodies and pharmaceutical companies. Patient health would also improve dramatically.

With managed healthcare solutions, you can address the entire spectrum of ortho-related requirements related to casting, e-Rx handling for expeditious prescription management for controlled/ non-controlled drugs and procedures, motion testing range, surgery, patient imagery file handling and devising therapeutic care for patients.

The unique features of practice management solution offer an array of advantages that would take your orthopedic practice to the next level. Gateway team developed a product solution that provides health services like clinic and practice management to help physicians in optimizing their time and provide cost-efficient services to the patients. As an orthopedic practitioner with such type of healthcare software it will improve practice efficiency and patient care with the optimized management and receive recurring benefits. Also, it has orthopedics specific clinical templates for accurate documentation and detailing which helps in maintaining the revenue cycles resulting into simple billing process.

If you are looking for practice management solutions, contact healthcare software IT company for the best-fitted consultation.

Why practice management solution promises rich returns for orthopedics

Lucy Kaith

Lucy Kaith is a managing editor at Gateway TechnoLabs. she has completed an MS in Journalism from University of Munich and she writes for various healthcare application development publications and print publications

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