Why SEO is Not So Easy for Small Businesses

  Mar 08, 2017

Small businesses could be benefitted immensely from Search Engine Optimization. It is absolutely right to believe that the small businesses which do not incorporate an effective SEO strategy in their marketing plan would not be able to compete with the businesses that treat SEO as an integral part of their marketing plan and invest in it. However, SEO could prove to be quite challenging for the small businesses.

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Search Engine Optimization is becoming tougher and tougher by the day and the fact remains that it is even more difficult for the SMEs and the start-ups. It may be comparatively easier for the industry stalwarts but do not be under the misconception that it is not hard for them. Remember that things are getting harder for them as well. However, most small businesses keep struggling to achieve SEO success. Here are some of the reasons why.

Less Resource at Your Disposal

Small businesses have less money as compared to the business giants for investing in SEO efforts. This is the primary reason why small businesses are not able to attain SEO success as easily as the big businesses in the industry today. The fact remains that you must spend money for making money. The primary reason why large organizations do not hesitate in spending money on promotion, marketing and advertising is simply because they would be delivering ROI. Small businesses, for instance, have noticed that there was no ROI from PPC till they were able to boost their daily spend. SEO would give you richer dividends if your business is able to divert more funds toward SEO endeavors. You could allocate your resources wisely by investing in a fabulous web design or content writing, and hiring top-notch SEO consultants. You can now try out affordable SEO by lasvegaswebdesignco for achieving success.

Less Time in Your Hand

Small businesses have relatively less money so they would be able to hire only few people in their marketing team implying that everyone is expected to juggle multiple tasks and so nobody really has ample time to focus 100 percent on SEO. Some small organizations or start-ups have only one or two individuals trying to take care of everything and that makes SEO exponentially tougher. Real SEO could be time-consuming as it involves generating worthwhile content, securing the links, optimizing the web pages, running A/B tests, and promoting all your assets. All this is pretty challenging. Often small businesses do a rush job and sometimes, they neglect it totally. This obviously, leads to under optimized websites that get poor rankings.

Difficult to Stay Abreast with the Latest

It’s harder for the small businesses to keep pace with the various changes that take place in the SEO world. This again seems to be a resource issue essentially. Big organizations would be able to hire SEO specialists who are passionate about everything to do with search engine optimization. They would take out time to go through industry publications and follow all the latest dictates and they are able to keep up with an ever-changing search landscape. SEO specialists make it their business to keep track of any significant update including Google’s change in algorithms that could be impacting your strategy and rankings. They would be incorporating the latest techniques. The SME marketers usually, are so tied up that they do not get enough time or opportunity to catch up with the industry updates.

Brands Are Favored by Google

It is definitely not easy for small business organizations to do search engine optimization. It is pretty evident that Google would be favoring brands as usual. Google goes through the user behavior data that indicates that people would be clicking more often on well-known and recognizable brand websites.

Less Powerful Software and Fewer Tools

Small businesses find it very difficult to purchase great software, which gives the corporate houses a big advantage over them. Any top company’s in-house SEO manager has a ton of powerful automation and abstraction tools which reduce both time and effort put into the entire process. For small business owners, a lot of this has to be done by-hand with more primitive or less effective tools.


SEO is no longer a fancy term used only by the big names in the industry. It is a necessity for every single company, because it is the bare minimum a business needs to have to be successful. The money you put in on SEO is more of an investment than a cost because it returns rich dividends in the short and long term. As a small business owner, what you really need to do is figure out where your limited resources can best be put to use and take actions accordingly.

Why SEO is Not So Easy for Small Businesses


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